As We Know It – Low Risk Zombie Comedy is a Good Way to Kill Time

As We Know It Review

Adding to the short list of Zombie Comedy movies (or zomcoms) is a new movie As We Know It. Set in the 90s, As We Know It introduces us to a depressed author James, who is struck inside his house after a breakup trying to get his next book done. While he’s locked away, the world outside has changed, due to a zombie outbreak caused by a bad batch of soymilk. When his best friend comes to his door to save him, the reality of the new world hits him and he will do anything to save the people he cares about.

Set on a sunny hillside home in Los Angeles, the movie seems to lean into the stereotypical LA attitude and tropes we see in the media. With a carefree lifestyle, even in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, James and his friend just want to watch movies and even order takeout to be delivered. Is it goofy? Yes. Would people still do things like this? If the last few years are any indication – also yes.

As We Know It Review

As We Know It is fun, quirky, and doesn’t require too much energy to enjoy. It’s goofy-level zombie comedy. Sure, there’s some blood and a few gross scenes but almost like a closed-room story, the majority of the movie plays out inside James’ house in the hills of Los Angeles. What is the worst that could happen as he stays inside with this friend and ex-girlfriend? It’s not full of jump scares, or gore – but really a movie that you can just sit back and enjoy with your popcorn.

As We Know it is currently available to rent on Vudu.

Overall Rating:

Three and a Half Stars Review

About As We Know It

As we Know It

In the late ’90s, James Bishop is dealing with a complicated breakup with the help of his best friend, while trying to finish his book before the impending zombie apocalypse.



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