Around the World with Disney’s Planes

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Disney's PlanesWe always try to have a little fun at the Holidays – and sometime’s it is as easy as getting together and watching a movie. This year Disney sent us an Around the World Party Kit full of Disney Planes items to have a good time, and when would be better to do that than on Thanksgiving?

Disney’s Planes was released on December 11th and takes you on a fast paced adventure as Dusty, a small crop duster is given the chance to take part in an air race. Dusty isn’t built for the speed like the other planes and he is also afraid of heights, but he is full of heart! The movie takes you to new heights as Dusty finds out just what he’s capable of!

Disney's Planes

Planes is a fun, action filled movie that you and your little ones will love. Since the movie is so full of adventure and travel, our party kit included everything we needed to start planning our new adventure.

A large, and quite beautiful map was included in the bag, as well as pins to map out our next stop, or where we’re heading to on our future adventures. String to map it out, some great wooden planes and even a flight hat and some aviators. Everything our little pilot needed to plan an adventure and pretend he was flying in his own race like Dusty is in the movie! He just loved everything included in the set, he can use the bag and everything included to plan more trips!

Disney's Planes

As part of our Thanksgiving party this year we kicked back and enjoyed Planes as a family. Goonie was happy to try out his new hat and aviator glasses as he watched the movie. We loved that his hat actually matches his bomber jacket he wears this time of year, and with all of his gear he was ready to take flight and flight to new heights.

You can find Planes online on Amazon, or at your local stores. It is a lot of fun for your family and a movie that even the oldest members of your family will love! Check it out this holiday season and fly to new heights with Dusty, Rochelle, Chug, Dottie and all of their friends on this fast paced adventure!


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