Arlo the Burping Pig is a Family Friendly and Fun Movie

Arlo the Burping Pig Review

Arlo the Burping Pig Review

It’s hard to find a movie that is safe for the whole family, but this year you can find one that will make everyone in your family laugh with Arlo the Burping Pig. The Dove Foundation approved the movie as family friendly, and it was one that had us all laughing.

Lionsgate sent us a copy of Arlo the Burping Pig, a movie based around a pig that escapes the circus but always belches after he eats. He is adopted by a family and a young girl named Talia, who’s family thinks that she’s the one burping! The movie is full of crazy situations, of course a lot of burping and funny moments that your whole family will love. Staring Joey Lawrence the movie has actors that parents will recognize and can even relate to.

Arlo the Burping Pig is available everywhere and has a total run time of 80 minutes and is rated G.

About Arlo the Burping Pig:

Get ready for big laughs, lots of squeals and barnyard belching with the fun family film Arlo the Burping Pig, arriving on DVD (plus Digital), Digital HD and On Demand November 15 from Lionsgate. Drake Bell (TV’s “Drake & Josh”) stars as the voice of Arlo, an adorable teacup pig with a quirky habit. Awarded the Dove Seal of Approval, the Arlo the Burping Pig DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.98.

When David (Joey Lawrence, “Melissa & Joey”) moves his family to a new city, everyone’s thrilled except seven-year-old Talia. That is, until she meets sassy Arlo (Josh Bell, “Drake & Josh”), who’s just escaped from the circus. Every time Arlo eats, he belches loudly and everyone thinks it’s Talia who’s being rude! When the family’s found with a priceless, stolen Ming vase, things get even crazier. Sweet, funny, and exciting, this “pig” adventure will make the whole family laugh til they burp!


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