Are you the Refill Fairy?

1950's housewife
1950's Housewife
Well are you? There is one in every house – in ours, it’s me. I’ve called it this for years, and apparently my boyfriend had never thought of it or heard me say it. A couple weeks ago I heard him yell “Hey we’re out of Q-tips!” I just laughed and said “Sorry the Refill Fairy hasn’t gotten there yet!” I think he thought I was insane.

But it’s true, in every house, there is a Refill Fairy. I’m pretty sure that the Refill Fairy may be related to the “I didn’t do it Ghost”. No one ever sees it happening – but magically things are done. But the Refill Fairy is for good, everyone seems to  benefit from the Refill Fairy – and things don’t seem to break from her visit (at least hopefully!)

If you are the main shopper in your house, but now you have noticed that everything runs out at the same time. Toilet paper, Q-tips, Paper towel, deodorant – all on E at the same time. I noticed this even before I was really into couponing. I’d use my one or two coupons and grab what I needed ever 3-4 weeks. Still spending huge amounts of money – tossing it away every month.

Since I started couponing “professionally” (look I’m in the pros!) I have a small stockpile of the items we use. When the coupon gods smile down on the deals are right I grab what I know we need and use.  We have months worth of paper towel, deodorant, feminine products, toilet paper – all within a short reach. The only thing not stocked because the deals haven’t been there yet – those pesky Q-tips.

I noticed yesterday as I cleaned between client calls that it was time for the Refill Fairy to visit. Cleaning up the Kitchen I noticed the cat’s food bin was almost empty. The pasta canisters were empty. I went to grab a piece of paper towel to clean the mirrors and the roll was empty. After I cleaned I hopped in for a quick shower, hitting the shower cleaner it ran out… *sigh* Yes.. that Refill Fairy was long over due.

Our stockpile is in our basement. Each time I found something that needed to be refilled I’d run up and down the stairs. (No wonder I’ve lost 40 lbs since I started couponing!) Up and down those stairs I go to get everything filled up again.

There are a few things that still need refilled – but the Refill Fairy did show up yesterday. Did anyone else notice? Probably not – they just keep using the items and not thinking about where they come from.

This Refill Fairy is just happy she’s not paying as much as she use to for all the items we use!

So who is the Refill Fairy in your house?



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