Are the Firefly Pro the Last Earbuds You’ll Need?

Firefly Pro Wireless Earbuds Review

Are you on the quest to find the perfect earbuds? Ones that will keep up with your day to day use and keep you connected when you need it most? For years, earbuds were things that were expensive and not something that was in everyone’s budget, but now there are countless options to fit your style and need. And while, yes, you could run to the store and grab a pair of $5 corded ones that you will break in a week – why not go truly wireless and grab a pair of Firefly Pro Earbuds from Jabees?

Firefly Pro Wireless Earbuds Review

The Firefly Pro earbuds not only are small but they fit snugly in your ears and provide robust sound for your music, videos or even calls you take with them. With a metallic finish they have a smooth and classic appearance that makes them look much higher priced than they actually are.

Your Firefly Pro earbuds will not only come with a charging case, that has a strong magnetic closure. But will also come with a charging cable and several different ear pieces so you get the closest and most comfortable fit no matter what while you are wearing them.

Turn on and off your music easily with quick button controls on each earbud, or use it to control your voice control system. The Firefly Pro earbuds are easy to connect to any device with bluetooth and come with a partial charge so you can easily listen to your music directly out of the package.

Firefly Pro Wireless Earbuds Review

The sturdy charging case may be one of our favorite features, and it is even Qi charging enabled. Add in a 10 minute fast charge will give you up to two hours of play time – its hard to not fall in love with the Jabees earbuds.

Do keep in mind that they are a bit bulkier than other ear buds we have tested on the market, but they provide a rich and round sound quality that rivals ones that are more than twice their price point. Affordable, attractive and ones that you can take traveling anywhere with you – Firefly Pro Earbuds may just be the last earbuds you need.

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Firefly Pro Wireless Earbuds Review
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