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An Evening of Entertainment and Fun with the Detroit #Pistons

Detroit Pistons

I’ve lived in Metro-Detroit for 9 years now, and I’m more than a little embarrassed to say I’ve never been to a professional sports game. Over twelve years ago I won tickets to a Detroit Pistons game, and only lasted about 15 minutes in the extreme nose bleed seats. But last night that changed when Kristin from InDeepH2O and I were given tickets to the Pistons vs. the Pheonix Suns game.

Detroit Pistons local craft beers

The game was held at the Palace of Auburn Hills, only 40 minutes from my home but isn’t one of our frequent haunts. It is home to not only the Detroit Pistons but also hosts a wide variety of different events, concerts and games throughout the years. The nose bleed seats I remember from years ago are still there, but there are much better ways to watch the game. The Palace also has changed quite a bit!

Years ago, the concourse was filled with cheap food and vendors. You could get the typical food that you would find at any venue from hot dogs, nachos and pretzels. Those options are still there, and I will admit that I’m a sucker for the nachos, but you will also find big name vendors right next store traditional vendors. You will find not only local craft beers, Crown Royal, Buffalo Wild Wings and several other high end food options to enjoy before or during the game.

Before the game, or your show starts you can always get pumped up in the Power Hour area. You can choose your food, get mixed drinks or just listen to the beats being put down by the DJ as you wait to take your seat.

Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons

But what if sports really aren’t your thing? Would you enjoy going to a Pistons game or another event at the Palace of Auburn Hills? Every event is focused around making sure you have a great experience. During the breaks in the game you will be treated to performances from drum lines, dancers, cheerleaders, the team doing back flips and of course several difference performances from Hooper – the team mascot! You can see one of his performances below, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t suppose to deflate at the end though ;).

Founders Craft Beer

Do you remember those nose bleed seats I told you about? They still exist, however that doesn’t mean you wont get a great view. My biggest problem all those years ago, and still to this day is a fear of heights. This may not bother everyone, and the higher up you go, of course your ticket prices will go down.

But if you still want that top down view, and not want to feel like you could tip forward at any point, a great place to watch the whole game is in Club 300. Club 300 is an upgrade you can add onto any ticket for only $45. You have to be over 21 to get into Club 300, but included in your ticket price are 8 tickets for local craft beer tastings, unlimited food, private restrooms and even lounge areas to catch up on other games. This is a fantastic upgrade to a suite experience without the cost of renting a complete suite.

Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons

From Club 300 you can not only see the whole game from above, but you have a quieter experience of all of the activities going on below. You can see the dance cam, the performances and game from a birds eye view. Your arm band allows you to come and go from Club 300 when you want, or you can go back to your main seats at any point of the game. This is of course a great option for when they do the shirt cannon, the Hungry Howies Pizza drop or there are specific performances you want to see. While watching the game from Club 300 is a bit quieter than on the main floor or in the stadium, when the Pistons score, or even better when they won the cheering will rock the floor beneath your feet! Club 300 can hold up to 330 guest, which makes it the perfect place for large groups or parties during events.

We had a great time at the Pistons game, and I hope to make it to a lot more in the near future! The Pistons and the Palace of Auburn Hills make it a great family friendly experience. Your children can join the Future Pistons club, where they get personalized birthday cards, a meet and great with Hooper and more.

On your next visit to the Palace, ask about their new reward program where you earn points for your tickets, concession purchase and on apparel. Your points can be redeemed for great items, or even trips in the future.

And of course it’s a great time when the Pistons win!

Detroit Pistons
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Check out more images from last night’s game below:


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