An Afternoon with Sue – Visiting the Field Museum

Field Museum Review
A visit to Chicago always means a few things to me, seeing our favorite sites, delicious food and of course a trip to one of the many museums. Last weekend we were invited to explore the Field Museum while we were in town. Inside you can experience natural history from around the world and different pieces of time.

Field Museum Review

The Field Museum is known around the world for having one of the largest collections in the nation. But one of the biggest draws (figuratively and literally) for us and many people is Sue – the most intact T-Rex skeleton found to date. We’ve all seen movies and heard stories about how large and menacing the T-Rex was, but seeing Sue in person brings it into perspective. The skeleton is one of the main show pieces of the museum, and you can find her skull in the case up stairs. Sue is known around the world, and up in the 3-D theater you can watch a short movie on how she was discovered and what they think her life was like.But the Field Museum doesn’t just boast a lot of old bones (although they have several different dinosaurs in their collection). Throughout the museum you will find gems, ancient Egyptian collections, studies into your DNA, explorations into national history as well as international cultures and history. One thing we enjoyed was the fact we could find working labs throughout the museum. It wasn’t just someone hidden in a room in the basement cleaning bones or studying something, but instead you could watch them work (and even on the weekends!) A working research museum where you can watch history being unearthed or made, instead of just seeing the results on display.

While there are several permanent exhibits at the Field Museum, there are featured or temporary exhibits. On our visit to the museum we stopped at both the Underground Adventure as well as the Vodou exhibit. The Underground Adventure is an exploration of what happens in the soil beneath your feet. You enter the chamber to be “shrunk” down and enter the ground you walk on. Inside are larger than life bugs, plant roots and even mold and seeds. A fun exhibit for children, but it may not be the best for people who don’t like bugs! While the bugs included are animatronics, they do move and some will start and could startle you. They aren’t real bugs, but that doesn’t make them any less creepy crawly!

Vodou is an exhibit examining the religious practice of spiritual Vodou practiced in Haiti. A mix of mystical, artistic and religious, the displays will begin to challenge what you have been taught about voodoo from movies and Hollywood. Vodou helps break any misconceptions you may already have about the religion, and shows you the beauty in the culture and artwork. While we enjoyed our visit to the Field Museum, but for me the Vodou exhibit was one of my favorites.

The Field Museum is open year round and has exhibits for all age groups to experience. Take a visit around our history and others cultures and spend an afternoon in the Field Museum.



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