Among Friends Cookie Review

Among Friends Chocolate Cranberry Cookie Review

Among Friends Cookie ReviewGone are the days of slaving in the kitchen for a good gluten free cookie that everyone will enjoy. Instead, you can find a mix that actually tastes good and isn’t loaded with junk to “make up” for taste. Among Friends sent me a package of their “Phil ‘Em Up” gluten free cookie mix to try out, and it was just as good as making them how I would at home, plus had a flavor combination I wouldn’t normally put together.

Among Friends Cookie ReviewAmong Friends has a line of gluten free mixes and only uses whole ingredients. They are certified gluten free, use whole grains and verified Non-GMO. Their mixes range from cookie mixes, cakes brownies and bars. And on their site you can find everything from a place to purchase the mixes (check their store locator) or a place to purchase them right on their site. Their mixes are also available on Amazon, if you can’t find them near you and need to try their cookies yourself!

Among Friends Cookie ReviewNow, I’m not sure if I did it the smart way or not – but I went about the right way or not. But I figured if I was doing quick mix cookies I was going to mix them by hand. This worked well, but took a bit more arm power than I’m use to, and there were a few clumps I found later that didn’t break up very well. The mix has pretty much everything you need for the cookies in it, all you have to add is 1 egg, 1 tsp vanilla and 4 oz softened butter. Mix and bake. It’s really that easy!

Among Friends Cookie ReviewOn the list of favorite cookies, for me, oatmeal has always been near the bottom. There are some that are below it of course, but it’s never been my go to cookie option. However, the Phil ‘Em Up cookie mix added the oatmeal to a couple of my favorite flavors of chocolate and berries. The mix made for me about 2 dozen cookies, while the bag says it will make about 3 dozen. The amount of cookies will always depend how big you make the cookie balls, or how large of a cookie disher you use to lay your cookies out. ¬†Once the cookies were cool, I found myself going back for one after another. They have broke my previous conception about oatmeal cookies and I’m happy that they’re easy to make with a mix from Among Friends!

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