Amazing Zhus Magician Pets – Tricks, Games and Chatter #Christmascountdown

amazing zhus review
Amazing Zhus Magician Pets Review
Have you ever tried to train your pets to do tricks? No matter what I’ve tried to do, I cannot get Godiva or Jack to do my dishes or make the bed. But I do remember growing up watching animals do fancy tricks on television, but beyond sit or stay – or pets ever did too many more tricks. But now you can get pets that do magic!

Amazing Zhus Magician Pets Review

Amazing Zhus are pets that do tricks with the push of a button or wave of a wand (or dog bone). The tricks they do are – well, as the name says – amazing! But with their newest sets, they can do magic! From playing the magic shell game, picking cards, or even jumping off the high dive and landing in a bucket of water! The great thing about the sets, they work with any Amazing Zhus mouse you already have. I was sent an Amazing Zhus magician mouse, the shell game and the high dive set to test out and review.

Amazing Zhus Magician Pets Review

All of the sets are ready to go and to play with when you take them out of the box except the High Dive set. The hardest part of setting up the set is actually removing everything from the boxes, from plastic, twisty ties and even the Amazing Zhus was fixed in the box with screws. But once you take them out of the box you’re almost ready to play.

Any assembly that is required to assemble the High Dive set is as simple as snapping pices together. Most of this is easy to do, and the only place I had difficulty was on the track going down into the bucket. A quick assembly suggestion – place the round parts together then twist the rest into place. It will save you struggling to assemble the pieces like I did!

Amazing Zhus Magician Pets Review

But once you’re done building your track, it’s time to play! Place your Amazing Zhus on the magic ball and get ready to watch them take the “jump” down into the bucket of water! When it’s done, place a magic card up to the Amazing Zhus face and push the button his back and watch as your Zhus will guess which card you’re showing it! You can even play the shell game and watch in amazement as your Zhus chooses where you hid the ball!

Amazing Zhus Magician Pets Review

Besides being extremely adorable, the Amazing Zhus are a lot of fun to play with. Each Zhus has two buttons on its back, one sets it in motion and on the way to play. The other in towards the front is considered the “nurture” button, that the Zhus chirps and chatters when you push it.

The Amazing Zhus Magician Pets are for ages 3 and up. There aren’t any small pieces for kids to swallow, and once out of the box, take no tools to assemble. You’ll be amazed at the amount of tricks they can do for you! They are available on Amazon and at Walmart stores!

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