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Always use real butter…

It’s the simple things that make things work. You may notice in my recipes I use real butter – why? Every other year it goes back and forth if it’s bad for you, or if margarine is just as bad. But let’s face it – the flavor and oil/water ratio is what you need to make things work. Now – that is unless you can’t have it. I do sub in soy margarine in some recipes and have had great results.

But remember it’s the details. The little things that make things work.

Today has been a comedy of errors – I’ve been up since 3 am with a sore back. Yup – I’m still up! After two hours of work, my boyfriend came home sick from work, software was revolting, a house we were looking at is now off the market. It was definitely a case of the Mondays! We even ended up having breakfast for dinner (at 9 pm! whoops!)

It seems like the details were getting me down – almost a dead sock day! Those details were in the way.. But it felt like we used the wrong ingredients today – still almost does. It’s almost like I used margarine and the cookies flattened out.. But we keep moving on.

I didn’t nearly get done as much as I had wanted to – or felt like doing that pile of dishes. I didn’t even feel like baking, which I often do when I don’t feel well. Not that I would have had enough butter to make much – I’ve been baking a lot lately!

So tomorrow, I will wake up rested, take up business and pick up some more butter.. and eggs too.. Those extra calories are worth the flavor! And come on – things work out better if you have all the right ingredients :).

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