Always Have the Perfect Temperature Drink with Cauldryn

Cauldryn Coffee Mug Review

Cauldryn Coffee Mug Review

Many coffee mugs promise to keep your coffee warmer longer. And while some of our favorites work for a few hours, they don’t keep it at a consistent temperature and it definitely doesn’t last all day (not that our coffee every lasts that long). But a new coffee mug on the market not only can keep your drink the temperature you prefer but can actually hold it at that temperature for 10 hours – and so much more.

Cauldryn Coffee Mug ReviewWhen you first open your Cauldryn Coffee Travel Mug, the contents can seem a bit overwhelming. You have five pieces and a charging cable – more than we’ve ever seen at needed for a coffee mug before. It has the mug body, the battery base, a top, a travel heating element and a desk top element you can keep plugged in if you use your Cauldryn at work or at a desk. There are other accessories you can purchase too including a blender base and a mobile french press.

Cauldryn Coffee Mug ReviewWhat sets Cauldryn apart, other than the amount of items is that the travel coffee mug is more than just a coffee mug. You can use it just to take your favorite brew from home to work, but it actually has a heating element in the base that can hold a specific temperature of your liking. It has a mobile app that you can you can use to monitor the temperature and control it as well.┬áDid your coffee get too cold or you don’t have time to heat up soup? You can actually use Cauldryn to heat up soups and broth like a mini slow cooker. You can monitor everything from your phone or the LED read out on the front.

With all of the technology built into Cauldryn, at the base of it they did not forget that this is a coffee mug that people will be taking on the go with them. It fits into a standard cup holder in the car and the stainless steel interior will stop flavors from leaching into the interior. It’s easy to clean (by hand) and completely easy to carry with you. The larger size can make it hard to handle all day if you’re out and about, but you can remove the heating element to remove some bulk and weight as you go. We did find that on a long day out, if we turned off the Cauldryn between uses it lasted all day on one charge. For traveling we did bring the charging cable with us so we could have it ready to go each and every morning.

Coffee lovers, those fully committed to their brew and need it all day long will love Cauldryn and how it can give them their caffeine fix anywhere and any time. At this point, we’re not sure how it works for flying, but we will update this post when we test that out!

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