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I’ve got my lists made, my coupons pulled and organized in my expani-file. And other than one trip out tomorrow (sale ends tomorrow) I think I’m ready to go for Tuesday. I’m excited because my list seems to be huge this time and at stores I’m not a big fan of couponing at. But I plan on having the coupon policies printed out and in hand – just in case I find a grumpy cashier at Walmart.
So here is the best I’ve found out there this week. Please keep in mind these are match ups from our local ads and the coupons we’ve received. Some vary from what others have posted, and I can’t guarantee they will be the same in your area! I’m also want to note that I haven’t listed every deal here – just ones I feel are good enough to go get. I did list other match ups from some other great blogs on Facebook. Here we go!
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 Tide Laundry Detergent 19-32 Loads On Sale for $5.49
– Use the $1/1 coupons. These were great bonuses that were sent to some people when they did the Tide Giveaway a while back. I never got the stain packets, but a handful of these great coupons.*Even with out the coupons this is an amazing deal! It says limit 4, but you could always split orders.

Extra Care Card When you stop into CVS don’t forget to stop by that little red kiosk they have now. Scan your CVS card as many times as you can before it says “No more coupons today – come back tomorrow!” Last week it was spitting out a “Free Green Tag” coupon. It actually still was yesterday.

The Green Tag is a great program- bring your own bag and get it scanned each time you bring it in. Every 4 visits will give you $1 ECB to use in the store!

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 Renpure Organic Shampoo & Conditioner
-On Sale $4.99 receive $4.99 +Up bucks
Final Cost FREEAlways Maxi Pads 
-On Sale $2.99 each
-Use your $1/2 coupon (5/8)
Final Cost $2.50 each

StayFree Pads 14-24 Ct
-BOGO Free
-Use 2 $1/1 coupons (5/1?)
Great deal!

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 Ecotrin Pain Reliever 
-99¢ Coupon in Walgreen’s Ad
-Use the $1/1 Coupon
Final Cost FREERight Guard Body Wash or Deodorant
-On Sale BOGO
-Use your BOGO Coupon from 5/1 (Expires 5/31)
Final Cost FREE depending on the store – may be 75% off

Reynolds Wrap 75 Foot
2 day sale until 5/30!! So don’t wait!
-On Sale for $1.99
-Use your $1/1 Coupon (5/22)
Final Cost 99¢

Didn’t get the Reynold $1 off coupon? Get in now!

Degree Deodorant
-On Sale 4/$15
-Use 2 BOGO Coupons (5/22)
-Use 2 75¢/1 Coupons – if you can (5/22)
Final cost 4/6 – $5 RR = 4/$1!

Icy Hot
-On Sale for 99¢
-Use your $1/1 Coupon (5/1)
Final Cost FREE

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 Tabasco Sauce
-On Sale for $1.34
-Use 50¢/1 Coupon
Final Cost 84¢ each!Degree Deodorant – Travel Size
-On Sale for 97¢
-Use 75¢/1 Coupon
Final Cost 22¢

Schick Razors
-On Sale for $1.98
-Use $1/1 Coupon
Final cost 98¢

Brillo Pads
-On Sale $1.00
-Use 55¢/1 (5/22)
Final cost 45¢ each!

Wishbone Salad Dressing
-On Sale for $1.42
-Use the $1/1 coupon (5/15?)
Final Cost 42¢ each!

Kraft Dressing
-On Sale for $1.62
-Use the $1/2 Coupon
Final Cost $1.12 each

Wilkinson Razors 4 Pack
-On Sale 97¢ each
-Use the $1/1 Coupon
Final Cost FREE

Snuggle Fabric Sheets
-On Sale for $1.87
-Use the $1/1 Coupon
Final Cost 87¢

Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kits
-On Sale for 97¢
-Get 2, and use the $1/2 Coupon from 5-8(?)
Final cost 47¢ each

Morton’s Sea Salt 26 oz
-On Sale for 38¢
-Use the 35¢/1 Coupon (5/22)
Final cost 3¢!!!


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