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Well, it is my last month on unemployment.. I can’t exactly remember if I have 2 or 3 weeks left.. I guess my call to MARVIN on the 23rd will probably be my last. I should be worried about it – but honestly I’m not yet. I’m not sure if it just hasn’t hit me or if I don’t really have a reason to be worried about it yet.
I’m about to be come a Week 99er – that is someone who has been on State and Federal unemployment benefits for the full 99 weeks. I consider myself lucky enough to have it made it this far. I know people who have been laid off before me and after who only received 6 months of benefits. To make it a full 99 weeks is not something that most people actually get, so for that I’m very lucky.
I think the worst part of unemployment was the first month after being laid off. I felt lost and completely let down. I was top of my class, promised full time at the firm when I graduated. My market crashed- lets face it Michigan has been in a depression for a while, and I live in Metro Detroit- job outlooks weren’t the best.But what have I done over the past (almost) two years? Doing small freelance jobs here and there to make ends meet, working on art work and making handmade jewelry. Trying to stretch the few dollars I have and to help out the best I can.

Before I started my graduate degree I use to coupon- but nothing like I’ve been starting now. My Co-Workers laughed at me clipping coupons on the night shift while we made reservations for luxury cars. I was saving a bit of money, but I had more than I do now.

Now as I’m looking at the last couple weeks of my unemployment I’m working on stretching the few dollars and the few I’m making here and there further. Which is getting harder with rising gas prices and costs of everything.

To say I was inspired by TLC’s Extreme Couponing is close, but it was more of a kick in the pants. I have watched some of the episodes and I can’t help but think it’s a bit more than organized hoarding. Although as I have begun to coupon I start to see the appeal and the rush you get. We don’t have the space in our house for a ton of items, so I’ll have to shop with some reserve :).

So here we go- let’s enjoy the ride and see where the adventure takes us! 



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