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alexia foods review
Alexia Potatoes
Dinner in our house is usually pretty easy – chicken or beef, a veggie of some sort and a starch (rice or potatoes). But there are times I feel like we’re in a rut. I can change it up as much as possible, but sometimes we need a little help. I was sent a little help from a new mission on Bzzagent to try Alexia Foods.

Alexia Potatoes

We had tried Alexia’s sweet potato friends in the past, but I didn’t know they had a such a large variety. When my coupons came in form Bzzagent, I immediately went to Kroger to find new options for dinner.

Not only did I find sweet potato fries, but also ones with Chipolte flavoring! Sweet Potato fries are hit and miss with me, but Chipolte is always a favorite! I immediately grabbed that bag. I also picked up some of the skillet potatoes, it came with mushrooms, onions and green beans – a complete side dish in one bag!

Alexia Potatoes

I loved how easy it was to prepare the fries and make it as a side when making a quick dinner. They flavors were full and rich! Both potato products were a great addition to our meals and a fantastic break from our routine!

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