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Aladdin Diamond Edition

Aladdin Diamond EditionWith Aladdin coming to Disney Diamond Edition, there’s a lot of buzz about the movie and the added features. Besides getting one of our favorites on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD the discs are loaded with great Bonus features. There’s a lot of fun moments, on the new collection and your family will love every minute of it. The collection¬†includes:

  • The Genie Outtakes – Outtake Recordings Bring The Genie to Life
  • Genie 101: Hosted by Scott Weinger, The Voice of Aladdin
  • Unboxing Aladdin – Explore Hidden Secrets with Disney Channel’s Joe Bragg
  • Aladdin: Creating Broadway Magic – With Composer Alan Menken and Others
  • Disney Song Selection and More!

When I was in Los Angeles last month, we learned a lot about what went into making Aladdin, and some of the extras you can expect on the Diamond Edition. We even heard from Eric Goldberg, the animator of Genie himself (more on this later this week). You can see the love and joy for the movie over twenty years later from anyone involved in this classic movie.¬†Since we love Disney Magic, we’ve got an exclusive Bonus Clip with the directors Ron and John below and their collaboration together making Aladdin. Aladdin Diamond Edition is out everywhere on October 13th, and you can pre-order your copy now!


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