Air Fry with Ease with the Hamilton Beach Sure-Crisp Oven + Giveaway

Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Oven Review and Giveaway

Making three meals a day can get overwhelming, and sometimes you need something quicker, easier and potentially healthier. Not every meal needs to heat up the whole house or the oven, or you may need something smaller for small batches. These are just some of the reasons people love toaster ovens, but we have never really had one very long in our kitchen. The reality is most of them take up more counter space than I’m willing to part with, or didn’t have enough functions for me to justify having one around.

That is until Hamilton Beach sent us their Sure-Crisp Air Fryer Toaster Oven. A small toaster oven that can hold a full 12 inch pizza, toast up to 6 pieces of bread at the same time – but is also an air fryer!

Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Oven Review and Giveaway

There were a lot of things we loved instantly about the Sure-Crisp Air Fryer Toaster Oven including that it came with the pans you need already included. All of the parts are easy to clean and can actually be thrown in the dishwasher after use. The bottom rack goes all the way to the back of the oven, and is curved making it so a pizza can easily fit in there.

Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Oven Review and Giveaway

And if you want to air fry – the air frying basket fits perfectly in the oven. The basket has it’s own supports that slide into the oven and holds it up. Due to the size of the oven, the air fryer basket isn’t huge. The basket measures about 8 inches by 12 inches. And can hold around six strips of bacon, but can hold more of smaller items.

(Note: If you are using bacon, use the smaller cooking sheet under it to catch any grease so it doesn’t hit the heating coils)

Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Oven Review and Giveaway

The ability to air fry items in this toaster oven makes it not just a small oven, but takes the place of another appliance all together. Yes, that means you can finally try those air fryer cookies, fry any of your baked goods without the use of extra fats and make a healthier option for your deals and snacks.

Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Oven Review and Giveaway

With easy to use dials, the Hamilton Beach Sure-Crisp Air Fryer offers the options to toast, bake, broil and air fry all at a variety of temperatures and settings. It’s a small and useful appliance that can make some of your meal times just a little easier. It may even let you change up your menus and make them with less oils and fats as you do.

Hamilton Beach is giving one of our readers a Sure-Crisp Air Fryer Toaster Oven so you can make dinner time easier! Read how you can win one below!

How Can You Win?

Leave a comment below telling us what you would make in your Air Fryer if you win? Then use the form to leave your information so we can contact you if you win!


  1. I would primarily cook the finger foods that our kids eat. I hate having to heat the entire range to cook 20 fish sticks or 4 corn dogs, and these types of ovens often cook the food in the time it takes my oven just to preheat!! I also researched the wattage, and they use a quarter of what my stove would use.

  2. Oh my, I would think chicken, corn dogs, tater tots, and a bunch of other foods for the grandkids. The air frying bacon you mentioned definitely got my attention too, and I think I would try that as it is not something I would typically air fry but I am curious to see how it would turn out.

  3. I would like to try air frying chicken, maybe French fries. It sounds silly, but to re heat left over pizza ! I now heat it in,the micro wave and then crisp the crust in a hot frying pan. Think how much easier this would be !

  4. I’m gonna crisp up some homemade carnitas, test various binding agents and coatings for “fried chicken”, make homemade sweet potato fries that aren’t a floppy mess, and try out some recipes for non-fried eggrolls.

  5. So much yumminess! Chicken nuggets, corn dogs, egg rolls, pizza rolls I’m thinking this thing would be a lifesaver at lunch time with two boys home full time.

  6. I would definitely make pizza, as it’s my favorite go-to food. Though I’ve been curious about air frying, so I’d love to check out recipes for onion rings or fried chicken.

  7. The list is endless, from Red Hot Dogs, Venison, Blooming Onion Rings, Fries, Hot Sausage, Chicken, Home made Turkey Nuggets & much much more????????????
    I’d use it everyday!


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