Air Bud Brings Creepy Fun with Phantom Pups

Phantom Pups Series Review

This time of year the entertainment options for younger viewers can be a little hard to come by. The new movie releases are either just a bit too old or too scary that only the most devoted horror fans watch them. But thanks to our friends at Air Bud Entertainment and Netflix, a new series that seems to be the perfect option for young kids – Phantom Pups.

The ten-episode series started streaming on Netflix at the end of September and follows the story of three stray puppies Lewey, Booey and Chewy stumble into a seance to speak to past dogs, and accidentally break the circle. An evil spirit dog takes their bodies and leaves just their spirits behind – trapped inside the house that becomes abandoned over the years. When the house is purchased by a family, the phantom pups befriend the kids and work with them to hopefully get their pup bodies back.

While the thought of ghosts may scare some younger kids, the pups even explain it in the show – they aren’t dead – just their bodies were taken, so they’re only phantoms! This takes away the scary element and their adorable animation style makes it so they’re more on the friendly ghost side than one that would scare anyone.

Some of the foes that the pups and kids have to face are the ghost hunters who are trying to capture them to win a prize. Even these bad guys are presented in more of a comedic and slapstick-type manner, similar to Marv and Harry in the Home Alone movies. The pups and kids take them on, and the way they fight back will have kids giggling.

Like every Air Bud film or series, the show focuses on family, friendship, and teamwork. Everyone works together and helps out, no matter what the problem is. The show is fun, silly, and perfect for this time of year. It’s not scary and will remind parents of the silly antics similar to Casper (1995) or even the Home Alone films. The kid-friendly series will be one that they will want to watch each holiday season and is just the right balance of fun and a little creepy – just in time for Halloween.

All ten episodes of Phantom Pups are now streaming on Netflix and are a great fun series for younger viewers.

Overall Rating:

Four and a half Star Review

About Phantom Pups

Air Bud Entertainment (ABE), creators of the iconic ‘Air Bud’ films, ‘Disney Air Buddies’ talking puppy adventures and popular family favorite TV series’ including ‘Pup Academy,’ proudly announce that all Season One episodes of  their brand-new series, PHANTOM PUPS, are now available to stream on NETFLIX.   Pawsitively fun for the whole family, the spooky live-action adventure series is the story of a trio of cute puppies who’ve been turned into ghost pups by an evil spell and left to live in a rundown house.  When a new family buys the spooky old home, not soon after moving in, Freddie and his sister discover they’re not alone.  When the story behind the cursed puppies is revealed, Freddie, his sister and a new friend set out to help their delightful new ghostly friend pups break the spell and become real again.

PHANTOM PUPS introduces kids to a delightful new adventure and cast with friendly ghost pups, Lewey, Booey and Chewy and live action siblings Mimi (Eva Brooke Baker) and Freddie (Jett Klyne) and their mystery-solving friend Piper (Thalia Campbell) whose family once lived in the house.  Together they seek to solve the mystery and bring the ghost pups back to being real pups.  

The first season features 10 episodes, all of which are now available – in time for Halloween (and beyond).

PHANTOM PUPS is created and directed by Anna McRoberts (Pup Academy) and co-executive produced by ABE founder and CEO, Robert Vince.  The new series also stars Ryan Belleville (Workin’ Moms, Overlord and The Underwoods), Enid-Raye Adams (Family Law, Easter Sunday), Evan Marsh (Vicious Fun, Shazam!) and Kelli Ogmundson (Cavendish, Family Law, Supernatural).


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