Ahlara Spa Helps You Connect With Yourself

Ahlara Spa Review

A trip to the spa is one that will put you on the path of healing and relaxation. But most spas are a bit limited on the amount of services and what they actually offer their customers. Then there is Ahlara International, a spa that is unlike any other one we have been to so far.

With rooms inspired by different cultures throughout the whole facility, a large store that offers boutique clothing items, crystals and other personal healing items, a large room that is used for Yoga, Medium fairs and more – they bring different spiritual practices together from all over the world. Offering more than the basic massage, Ahlara offers a wide variety of services like dry floats, Reiki, Atlantis Biomats and more.

Ahlara Spa Review

Relax and Restore with Massages

Slip into the plush robe and get ready for an amazing massage when you walk through the door at Ahlara. Your masseuse will know just what you need to help you get rid of those aches and pains. With years of studying of the human body, you can relax while they massage the stress away. Knowledge of the human body and what each stretch and pull does isn’t just part of their job, your masseuse may also be one of the yoga instructors at Ahlara.

The massages offered at Ahlara include: Chi Massage, Shiva Massage, Pacha Papa, Himalayan, 100 Acres of Relaxation, Yin-Yang, Pacha Mama, Prana Massage, Mani Stone Massage, Kanti Massage, Jing Massage, A-Maising Sole, and a variety of other options in packages.

Reach a New Places with Biomat Meditation

One of the more unique services offered at Ahlara is the BioMat. It is a high-quality infrared heating mat used in healing practices all over the world. It uses far infrared light, negative ions and amethyst crystals combined with a heated surface to help speed the healing of joints and tissue, improve circulation, detoxify, boost the immune system, promote deep relaxation, improve sleep and mood, reduce stress and anxiety.

While experiencing the BioMat on it’s own has it’s healing benefits, your hour long Heart Healings with Joy Session. Joy will lead you on a guided visualization and meditation to help you find resolve unfinished issues with a guided Angel Whisper. This relaxing meditation will help you connect with your inner self, and your past so you can move on with the future you’re supposed to have. You will find yourself emotionally charged and body relaxed after this experience as you exit feeling like a different person.

Get Pampered with a Pedicure

Don’t forget to stop in and get a first rate pedicure as well. Your body and soul may be taken care of, but you still want to feel beautiful too. Yes, Spa hair don’t care – but when you walk out and have to tackle the world – be sure you can wear those strappy sandals with pride.

Yes, you may have already had a massage, but take advantage of the massaging chair and get a full service pedicure while you relax and enjoy some fresh herbal tea.

Find the perfect spa services or event for your inner self and body by visiting Ahlara’s website.


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