Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Suitable yet cheap Christmas presents for kids include art and craft supplies, homemade toy boxes, novelty clothes, music vouchers and movie tickets.

Children love Christmas for a very good reason. Their birthdays aside, it’s the only other time to receive scores of gifts from their parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts. While some parents and grandparents feel compelled to buy nice and expensive Christmas gifts for their kids, it never hurts to spend less on children. After all, the price of a toy does not necessarily reflect its usefulness to a child.

Need some ideas to buy cheap children’s presents? Check out the following affordable Christmas gift ideas for kids.

Buy Kids Art and Craft Supplies as Christmas Gifts

Most preschoolers, and even those in lower primary school, love to draw, color and paint. Hit bargain stores to get cheap art and craft supplies like color paper, color pencils, crayons, glue sticks, beads and sequins. Buy these in bulk. Then, mix and match and pack items into beautifully wrapped gift sets. The same can be done with stationery. Put goodies like pencils, rulers, scissors, erasers and sharpeners in individual small boxes. Old and empty boxes of all sizes can be obtained for free at hardware stores and some supermarkets.

Homemade Toy Boxes for Children

Instead of buying one big toy, parents can buy several small cheap toys and bundle them together in a box, again nicely decorated and wrapped. A homemade toy box can contain a little toy, a book, some stickers, a small tub of play dough, balloons, puzzles and card games. The toy boxes can be easily taken along on holidays and help prevent clutter in the house too.

Hair Accessories for Girls

Most girls like to dress up and wear pretty hair accessories. If dresses are a tad expensive, a collection of fancy hair accessories are a great substitute. Buy bulk from bargain stores or straight from a wholesaler. Get a few different pieces such as hair bands, ribbons, pins, claws, and clips and put them in little bags (again from the discount shop).

Novelty Clothes as Kids’ Christmas Presents

Novelty clothing such as shirts with funny and cute phrases make great kids’ Christmas presents too. Personalized t-shirts are a good option too if the shop offering the service is willing to give a big discounts for large orders. Novelty clothing also includes jerseys, socks, underwear, caps, scarves and headbands of sports teams. Buy these after the end of the football or cricket season as these will cause much less than during the season. Then keep them until Christmas or any special event as gifts for sports-loving children.

Music Vouchers and Movie Tickets

Older kids have their own preferences and tastes when it comes to entertainment. While it’s rather easy to pick discounted Wiggles, Sesame Street or Thomas the Train CDs and DVDs for toddlers and preschoolers, it’s much harder to know what school-going children and teens like.

A solution is to get them vouchers to buy CDs and other music-related gadgets in music stores. Older kids also enjoy going to the movies. So why not buy bulk ticket books for them? They often come with 10 or 20 tickets per book with validity dates and are much cheaper than buying tickets for individual movies.

There are many affordable Christmas gifts that parents and grandparents can buy or make for kids. To spend less on children this Yuletide season, buy cheap art and craft supplies, small toys or hair accessories for girls in bulk. Then create sets of art and craft supplies, toy boxes or hair accessory bags. Children will also enjoy receiving novelty clothing, music vouchers and movie tickets as Christmas presents.


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