oriental trading stocking stuffers

Affordable Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas from Oriental Trading Company

Oriental Trading Company Stocking Stuffers

Finding stocking stuffers or small toys they will love can end up putting a dent in your holiday budget. You want something small that they will love and wont be broken two minutes after they pull it out of the stocking. As kids, our stockings were filled with a couple small things, a few things of candy, oranges and even cans of Spaghetti-O’s.

Oriental Trading Company Stocking Stuffers

So do you run to your local toy store to find something for their stocking? Or do you head out and find them some candy that they wont need anyhow? We all know they are already going to be bouncing off the walls! No – instead just head over to Oriental Trading Company where you can get great gifts and stocking stuffers for half the price or less. Oriental Trading sent me a few of their stocking stuffer ideas to review, and I was shocked at not only the quality but the price of each item.

The first and lowest on the price point are the Plush Owls. I couldn’t believe that it was only $20 for a dozen of the Plush Christmas Owls, you know at some stores they’d be around $5 each. They come in three styles and color combinations and are super soft as well as adorable.As much as I wanted to keep them all for myself, I knew of some deserving children who needed them this year. They’re all about 4 inches tall, soft and have no small parts for younger kids to potentially choke on. The whole back of Owls breaks down to just $1.67 each, so it’s perfect if you have a lot of children to buy for this year.

Next up, and a little higher on the price point is the Plush Red Nose Dog. He is all white with a couple of gray patches and has a bright red nose and red feet. He does have button plastic eyes, so it wont be suited for little ones. But the soft plush material and cute design makes him perfect for older kids. The plush dog is only $4.99, which makes it an easy gift for kids and red nose gives him a great holiday feel.

The most expensive item they sent was the Plush Pillow Pet, and it is only $10! We all know that kids (and even some adults) love their pillow pets. But they usually retail for a lot more in the store. Measuring 12″ x 16″ the pillow is perfect for penguin lovers, and doesn’t have a huge amount of bulk.

Normally, I tend to go to Oriental Trading for party supplies and maybe a few craft items. But for under $40 you can get a bunch of great gift options or stocking stuffers. All of which were not only perfect for the holiday season but made of high quality material. These toys are off to make several kids Christmas brighter this year!

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