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This time of year can be one of the hardest to make it through cooking wise. I love to use a lot of fresh ingredients in my recipes, and it’s not like I can go outside and grab fresh veggies. And the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables go up everywhere. I love to garden, but with snow filled lawns, and frigid temperatures it isn’t something that I can do.

Thankfully AeroGarden sent me one of their new Ultra models to review, and I’ve been having fresh basil for the past few weeks. So much basil in fact that I had to get creative on what to do with it! Check out my post of Three Things to do with Fresh Basil (one of you will need this soon!)

When the AeroGarden Ultra showed up I took out the instruction booklet and got distracted and set it down. A couple days later when I went to set it up – I couldn’t find the instructions! I panicked a little, but quickly found there was no reason to. The new Ultra model comes with a quick start guide built in. The front has a great LCD read out where you can find out the growing status of your plants, when to add nutrients and when to add water. Thankfully for me you can plug it in, press the start button and it walks you through planting your new garden step by step.

The Ultra comes with 7 Basil seed pods, nutrients for your plants and the actual unit. It is all you need to get going. You simply put your plants in, their little domes on top, add your water and nutrients and wait. That is one of the hardest parts, you’re going to want to see your plants right away!

While I waited for my basil to grow I decide to take pictures – I tried to do one every day for the first few weeks. I did notice that some of the plants started out and had a bit of “fuzz” on them. This is normal and they grew fine. You can check out the pictures below in the video, I was going to add music but couldn’t find a song that would work :). You can quickly see how fast the Basil grows!


And in no time, I had a pile of basil to work with. You simply can pick the basil off the plant and use it in your recipes. My first harvest was relatively small, but now I’ve been harvesting a huge amount of basil every week. I’ve given bags away, made recipes and dried the basil.

When I first set up the Ultra I put it in the kitchen. I figured that’s where I would use it most, and it’s close to the water. But really all it needs is an electrical outlet. However, when Jason got home that night he asked if I had installed the sun in our kitchen. And, well technically I had! The Ultra is on for 17 hours a day to grow the basil and uses very bright lights – so bright it actually lit up our kitchen and dining room most of the day and night.


After a few days it was moved to the work desk in my office. Remember how I said it only needed a power plug? I plugged it back in and I add water only when it tells me to and I top it off when I add nutrients.

Moving the Ultra concerned me a little – would it start over? When I plugged it back in the screen lit up and asked me if I wanted to start a new garden or if I lost power. I told it I had lost power and it put the settings back to where they were.

The AeroGarden Ultra is so easy to use and I love that I can not only grow herbs in it, but I could grow salad greens, tomatoes and more. All inside with little to no effort. It doesn’t matter if you’re a master gardener, or if it’s 20 degrees out you can have fresh herbs or veggies year round. It’s amazing how much this little machine produces in just a few weeks!

Now the really fun part! AeroGarden wants one of my readers to grow their own fresh goodies! Be sure you read how to enter below, if you don’t do the mandatory entry you wont be entered to win!

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How can you win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me what you would want to grow in your AeroGarden! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked with the button below!

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  1. I would try parsley first, but any herb would be great to try fresh for cooking, which is something I dont do but would like to.

  2. I would attempt growing an apple and orange tree. I have aerogardens now and grow lettuce and tomatoes but I want to try starting the apple and orange trees and then transplanting them outside. Not sure how well they will survive Albertan winters but it’s worth a shot.

  3. I’d go for the cherry tomatoes and spicy peppers. I really love the aerogardens lights, the ones that say feed me and give me water, with two kids I need them or I just forget 🙂

  4. I love the Aerogardens! Herbs and salad greens work best. I have not had much luck with tomatoes, my plants are great but never blossom.

  5. I bought my folks the Aero 7 for Christmas; they live in OR. They are so excited everything is sprouting. already thinking about growing Cherry Tomatoes! So if I was to win the Aero Ultra, I’d trade them! Thanks

  6. I would love to grow some red leaf lettuce sweet peppers and herbs all at the same time so my little ones can pick their own salads!

  7. Would love to see strawberries come back but seeing that I have grow anything kits and strawberry seeds, I will give them a go in my Ultra after the tomatoes are done.

  8. It’s hard for me to decide… It’d be a bit of a toss up between fresh herbs and tomatoes. Nothing like fresh, properly ripened tomatoes *drool*, but fresh herbs tend to be kinda expensive at the store =/
    I think I’d have to buy another one if I won so I could have both ^.^;

  9. I love all my aero gardens and I would really love the new model….The herbs and veggies are wonderful and I have petunias growing right now and the are beautiful my kitchen and living room feel like spring.

  10. I bought my first Aerogrow in Nov 2012, got so excited growing cherry tomatoes, I had to have more. When my greenhouse was blown away an a strong wind, I thought I guess there’s my sign. I bought 3 more. I grow lettuce, herbs and have used all that delicious basil in many recipies and my own orange tomatoes. I have them in my bedroom so I can benefit from the light to treat seasonal effective mood disorder(winter blues). Now I just need one more to grow the cottage garder flowers. I could use a free one, because my familiy thinks I’m already crazy buying 4, they just don’t get it, spring year round, how cool is that!

  11. Most definitely peppers, tomatoes, and all those other plants that won’t grow in our short, cold, wet summers. Might want to try butternut squash!

  12. I would grow a variety of herbs like basil, dill, chives, oregano, parsley, etc! I love aero garden and recommend to all my friends!

  13. We Will Try Again I Will Try To Grow something Related To The Tomato Family because the other were too small this looks just rite

  14. I just bought the ultra. This is my first aerogarden. I just set it up tonight with the herb package. I can’t wait to see them grow. I put it in the kitchen and it lights up the whole kitchen. I love the it! Sure would love to have another one.

  15. I Will grow any & everything I can! I NEED this. I LOVE to eat healthy & cook healthy & flavorful so i would LOVE for some Herbs to be at my finger tips! Yum! THANKS for the chance to WIN!

  16. Most definitely cilantro and chives. Maybe some strawberries and cherry tomatoes too!
    Thanks for the great review! I am so scared to have plants but this takes out all the guess work so I don’t have to worry about over/under watering or how much sun or any of that! It is black thumb-proof! Woohoo!

  17. Growing at my work desk probably.
    I would grow a thai birds eye pepper which is small enough to fit in a aerogarden and pick them fresh to eat with curry and rice.
    I would prob grow basil at work and pick them fresh and make pizza pockets fresh at my desk.

  18. What WOULDN’T I grow? I would definitely have to grow tomatoes, green beans, and herbs… so many things I would love to do… what a neat little machine!!!

  19. I would want to grow everything in it from flowers to herbs to watermelon and tomatoes i have 3 daughters that love to grow a garden and that would help to start out on the right track thanks for the chance good luck everyone

  20. I would love to try this! I would try mostly kitchen herbs but would love to know how carnivious plants would do in this? I have serveral in cooling right now but this could be fantastic for them as well! Thank you for the chance to win!

  21. I would love to try this product to grow a Vietnamese vegetable, water spinach. And of course all the herbs and tomatoes. Also, I hope this unit can help with the winter blues too. We don’t have much sun in WA.


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