AEB: The Safety Technology Taking The Car World By Storm

AEB: The Safety Technology Taking The Car World By Storm

Vehicles are constantly being updated with the latest and greatest technologies to make them more efficient and safer. Safety is perhaps the key aspect of every car; manufacturers want you to feel safe when you’re behind the wheel of their vehicles. As such, different technologies have been created to try and reduce the chances of dangerous situations occurring. You can look at airbags as the most obvious safety technology in cars. Once an impact is felt, the system instantly releases airbags, preventing serious injuries. 

Nowadays, the safety technology in vehicles is more subtle yet just as effective. Perhaps the most critical and impressive of all the new tech is AEB. You might have seen this thrown around before, and many modern cars are now built with this installed in the system. But, what is it, how does it work, and should you buy a car with it included?

What is AEB?

AEB stands for Autonomous Emergency Braking, but it is also sometimes referred to as automatic emergency braking, or simply an automatic braking system. Whatever you call it, the gist is that this is a system that will automatically activate the brakes on your car if needed. In theory, this can prevent crashes by braking before you have a chance to react, pulling your car to a stop ahead of an object in front of you. 

Naturally, you need to use the brakes a lot while driving. So, you can’t have a computer system always braking for you! This begs the question, how exactly does AEB work?

How does AEB work?

AEB works a little differently depending on what car you have. However, most vehicles and manufacturers will adopt a generally similar approach to the technology. Your car will be equipped with sensors or cameras that detect what’s ahead of you. Also, your car computer is super clever and keeps an eye on things like your current speed. In essence, the entire system works together to detect instances where there is an object ahead of you and you are driving too fast to stop in time. If the AEB system notices this, it activates your brakes and brings your car to a stop. 

What’s the benefit of AEB?

The underlying benefit of this technology is that it will help you avoid collisions. It is particularly helpful when a car stops abruptly in front of you, meaning you don’t have to react to put the brakes on. This should mean you’ll spend less time talking to a car accident attorney, and more time enjoying yourself on the roads with a non-damaged car. Essentially, AEB removes human error from the equation and will protect you and your passengers. 

Should you buy a car with this technology included? Honestly, you should! If you can afford it, then this technology will reduce the chances of crashing your car, keep you safe, and give you one less thing to worry about while you drive. It’s not a brand new technology, so you can find plenty of used cars with it as well. 

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