Adventure Time: The Enchiridion is now on DVD!

Adventure Time The Enchiridion Review

Adventure Time The Enchiridion ReviewCartoon Network is bringing some of your favorite characters and episodes together in their new collection Adventure Time: The Enchiridion. The 10th release in the series includes 16 episodes with Finn, Jake and all of your favorite characters. We were sent a copy of Adventure Time: The Enchiridion to review before it came out, and were happy to add it to our collection.

The Enchiridion is a an ancient book of guidelines and Jake and Finn find it! The book hasĀ helpful information for heroes, and it takes our favorite characters on adventures they never expected! The movie release also coincides with the release of a book copy of The Enchiridion, so you can take adventures of your own.

Adventure Time: The Enchiridion is rated PG and has a total run time of 176 minutes. Episodes included on the disc are:

  1. The Enchiridion!
  2. In Your Footsteps
  3. Henchmen
  4. Billy’s Bucket List
  5. Betty
  6. Ocarina
  7. Astral Plane
  8. Ghost Fly
  9. Root Beer Guy
  10. The Pajama War
  11. What Have you Done?
  12. James II
  13. Web Weirdos
  14. Gut Grinder
  15. No One Can Hear You
  16. Dungeon Train

You can check out a clip from The Enchiridion below:

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