Adventure Time – The Complete Second Season Review

adventure time season 2 review

Adventure Time Season 2

We’re big fans of Adventure Time, so when Cartoon Network sent us a copy of the Complete Second Season we were excited. Not only was it a show we enjoy, but it was almost five hours of episodes.

The second season continues to follow the story of Finn and Jake on all of their adventures through the Land of Ooo or battling Zombies to save Princess Bubblegum. The two disc set includes all 26 episodes from the second season, director’s commentary and an exclusive interview with Pendleton Ward. It has a total run time of 286 minutes.

Adventure Time isn’t always for kids under 10 years old, but we have a great time watching the set. Even Goonie enjoys watching the show, and we love being able to watch the several of our favorite episodes in a row with out commercial interruption.

You can find Adventure Time: The Complete Second Season on Amazon and at your local entertainment stores.


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