Adventure Time Season 5 Now Available!

Adventure Time Season 5 Review

Adventure Time Season 5 ReviewWouldn’t it be great to have all of your favorite Adventure Time episodes? Cartoon Network is making that possible by releasing Season 5 of Adventure Time on Blu-Ray and DVD. We were sent the complete fifth season to review and were happy to see that it had all 52 episodes for us to enjoy.

We were more than happy to add the Fifth Season of Adventure Time to our collection, even though we have a few of the episodes from previous specials. In this season Jake becomes a dad! You get to see the Ice King, and a lot of Finn. There are a lot of funny episodes, and we’ve had a lot of fun watching them over and over again.

Adventure Time: The Complete Fifth Season has all 52 original episodes on Blu-Ray and DVD. It has a total run time of 561 minutes and on the Blu-Ray edition, all of the episodes fit on 2 discs. The collection does not have special features or commentary which may be a deterrent for some fans, but you can relive your favorite episodes any time you want. You can find the Complete Fifth Season of Adventure Time online and at stores near you!


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