adventure time third season

Adventure Time: Season 3 Now on DVD

Adventure Time Season Three

Are you a fan of Adventure Time? Cartoon Network just released the Complete Third Season of their hit show on both Blu-Ray and DVD. They sent us a copy to review and it is the perfect addition to our collection!

The new collection features Finn and Jake as they go on their adventures through 26 great episodes of the third season of the show. As an added treat the collection comes in a special die cut slipcase of BMO. Fans and collector rejoice as their favorite show is available for them to bring home and enjoy on your own time. Sit down, pop in the disc and watch one or all 26 great episodes!

The set has a total run time of 286 Minutes.

The Set includes Episodes:

1. Conquest of Cuteness
2. Morituri Te Salutamus
3. Memory of a Memory
4. Hitman
5. Too Young
6. The Monster
7. Still
8. Wizard Battle
9. Fionna and Cake
10. What Was Missing
11. Apple Thief
12. The Creeps
13. From Bad to Worse
14. Beautopia
15. No One Can Hear You
16. Jake vs. Me-Mow
17. Thank You
18. The New Frontier
19. Holly Jolly Secrets (Part 1)
20. Holly Jolly Secrets (Part 2)
21. Marceline’s Closet
22. Paper Pete
23. Another Way
24. Ghost Princess
25. Dad’s Dungeon
26. Incendium

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