Adventure Time: Jake the Dad comes to DVD!

Jake the Dad review

So when I showed him the new Adventure Time: Jake the Dad DVD set that had come in he lit up! He not only wanted to watch the new dvd which is stocked full of 16 episodes for him to giggle at. While he was excited about the new shows to watch, he was even more excited to see an added bonus in the box!

Adventure Time Jake the Dad

As soon as I opened the box he reached in and grabbed the Jake Hat and pulled it out. We had to get a picture with it on, maybe it’s just me but I think it’s adorable – and he still has to grow into it a little! After he danced around a little bit, it was time to watch the DVD!

Adventure Time: Jake the Dad has a total run time of 176 minutes. Plenty of time for fun shows and giggles. You can find it online and in stores right now. This DVD set is not rated, Goonie loves it but it may not be for every kid!

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