Add Spring Colors and Flowers to your Table with Fiesta’s New Color and Pattern

Fiesta ware Daffodil color

Fiesta ware Daffodil colorEvery spring, Fiesta ware lovers hold their breath as they wait for Homer Laughlin to announce the new color of the year for Fiesta. While the announcement is usually in March, this year they surprised us all by announcing the new color in January – with an added bonus a floral pattern we can add to the table as well.

Fiesta ware Daffodil colorFor 2017, Fiesta’s color of the year is Daffodil. The name alone makes you think of spring, bright flowers and warmer days. And the buttercup yellow plates are amazing with the currently existing colors and lines. The bright tone pairs well with darker colors like slate and even last year’s claret. And on it’s own, it’s bright and cheerful, and is actually pretty close to the actual color of the daffodils blooming this time of year.

Fiesta ware Daffodil colorOn it’s own Daffodil is a beautiful color but when you pair it with the new Floral Bouquet Luncheon Plate that was just released, it picks up all of the bright tones and compliments the plate beautifully. The smaller luncheon plate is perfect for snacks, parties or even desserts. But the pattern on it’s own is soft, delicate and uses many of of the colors we already have in our collection. Hidden behind the floral bouquet are the Fiesta rings we look for every time we pick up a plate.

As soon as I saw the Floral Bouquet pattern I fell in love with the plate and knew I had to have one. Even with the pattern on the plate, it still offers the same warranty we know and expect from all Fiesta china – chip free, dishwasher, oven and microwave safe, lead free and scratch resistant. The Floral Bouquet Luncheon plate is available now for purchase, but you will have to wait just a bit longer to add Daffodil to your collection – they will be available in June! Both the new color and pattern are beautiful and a great addition to any tablescape or collection and bring a bit of spring color and pop to your table.


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