Add Some Holiday Fun with DesignOriginals Christmas Coloring Books

cat christmas coloring book

cat christmas coloring book

Coloring is fun no matter how old you are, and in the past few years we’ve seen a surge in coloring books made just for older teens and adults. It’s therapeutic, can help you think through problems your having, help pass the time and several other things. I tend to keep a coloring book in my work bag for days when I have long breaks between classes.

cat christmas coloring bookThis holiday season Fox Chapel Publishing has released some adorable coloring books that are great for several different people on your list – from teens to pet lovers and pretty much anyone in between. They sent us three of their new titles to check out, and we can’t wait to break out the crayons and markers and share them with our family.

motivational coloring bookFor the pet lovers in the family we have Cute Christmas, a heartwarming coloring book featuring happy pets in festive settings. Feel the stress of the holidays vanish as you focus your your mind on the sweet expressions of these beloved creatures. With Santa’s Kitty Helpers, colorists will be charmed by the expressive-eyed furry friends depicted in the artistry of acclaimed illustrator Kayomi Harai. And for younger coloring fans – they have released Amazing Me! a fun coloring book with positive affirmations built in to every coloring page and activity sheet. These books are perfect as gifts, stocking stuffers or just to have on hand for some family fun.

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