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Photo Editing on DroidDisclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Savers Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

Today is officially my last day as a Verizon Ambassador. It’s been a fun six months trying new devices and meeting great bloggers. I’m not going to lie, there have been some ups and downs in the program.

For the first couple months we tested the Blackberry Z10. While it has some great features – it was not my favorite device. Don’t get me wrong, it has some great features, but not everything I want. While the Z10 is great for a wireless hotspot, I’d want to use it as more of an active device for working and blogging. And with it’s lack of apps, this is not only not possible but more of a pain than it needs to be. For strictly business, sure it might be worth having, but for a blogger, and someone who is constantly checking social media accounts it didn’t work well.

But, we were surprised shortly after with the new Droid Ultra. At first, I was not impressed – it’s a Droid – I have a Droid. And it’s “smaller” size was larger than the Z10, and my Razr M. But it did have all of the apps I was use to. It also has Google Now – which while it’s a bit stalkerish, has saved me in a bind a few times. It’s larger screen makes it great to use as a tablet And as a mobile hotspot – it saved me from not being to work when the internet went out in the area. Once you add on a case however, your Droid Ultra is now about the size of a small tablet, and works just like one. I do have to say, one of my favorite features is still the burst photo-modeand animated gifs that phone makes instantly.

Photo Editing on Droid

But even without adding an additional app to your phone, you can transform your simple pictures into something more! At the bottom of each photo you will see three circles overlapping. That is the magic button to hit to start editing your photos in phone. No external camera needed, no fancy software, nothing extra!

Once you’re in photo editing mode you can add filters, frames, change the contrast and even more!

Photo Editing on Droid

All you have to do to get started is select an image that you have already taken. Select the photo editing tool at the bottom left of your image. If it doesn’t show up right away, you can tap your image again and it will come up again.

The editing mode will put you automatically int hte filter mode. There are about 15 filters you can choose from just by sliding right to left. You can take an ordinary photo, and with a couple quick swipes and taps you can change the whole appearance of a photo. The filters available are similar to the ones you can find in Instagram, but are different. You could even apply the filters on your photo and then upload it to Instagram to give it a different feeling that you would have available in the app.

Photo Editing on Droid frames

The second icon on the bottom (shaped like two boxes) is your framing option. Like your filter options you can slide left and right and add on any type of frame you would like. From distressed, to traditional or even ones that look like they have been taped together. The simple addition of the frame can add onto your photo or completely change the mood.

You can also straighten your image, crop it, rotate it, or mirror it (flip it) completely using the third icon. You can find all of these options under the third icon, that is the standard crop sign. If you plan on using these options to update your image before uploading to Instagram that uses square images, you may want to utilize your crop option before putting your filters and frame on your image.

Photo Editing on Droid

Those are all very basic and small changes that anyone can do to their image – but what about more advanced edits? With the fourth icon you can actually change everything from the contrast, the color and even change the curves of your image (color balance and intensity). You can up your contrast, add or reduce your shadows, auto correct your color, and even fix how sharp your image is. And yes, this is all in your phone!

With your Droid Ultra you can take your basic images and edit them without any extra software and add to them. Now, for more advanced editing like copying and adding additional elements you may need an additional app, or software. But the amount of editing you can do in your Droid is amazing!

Photo Editing on Droid vintage filter

While I don’t do a ton of editing in phone, I love the options and variety I can add to my photos. It’s great for adding some charm to images or sprucing something up. It is an added bonus with the Droid Ultra and great for quick edits to share our memories on the go.

Between the in phone editing capabilities and the use of Google+, we will be sharing great images this holiday season!


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