Add Some Disney Fun to Your Holiday Parties

Oriental Trading Finding Dory Party Supplies

Oriental Trading Finding Dory Party SuppliesTwice a year our family gets together for big holiday meals, primarily Thanksgiving and Easter. This is when we have the extended family together for a big meal. We don’t focus on religion, or really the holiday – but instead for us this is a great time to get together and spend time together. And every holiday we do it a little differently – and I mean we do it differently.

Oriental Trading Finding Dory Party SuppliesYears ago we abandoned the idea of doing a “normal” holiday party, sure we still make the traditional food you’d expect but each year we decide to change the theme of our parties. Thankfully, Oriental Trading helps us out and each year as their product lines expand, our part theme options get a bit more fun. In the past we’ve done Mustache Parties, Rock and Roll, Pirates and more.

Oriental Trading Finding Dory Party SuppliesThis year is no different for our family, while it may be for other people. But our holiday theme this year was Finding Dory – we love the movie so much! Our party was filled with Finding Dory plates, Hank plates, fishy duckies, fish straws and an amazing floor decal. We had our own EAC through the kitchen!

Oriental Trading Finding Dory Party SuppliesEach year we love having this bit of fun with our family, and we try to change it up a bit. And every year, we are shocked by the quality of the products we can choose from. But the featured item every year is the rubber duckies we get for every theme! We try to find one each year that fits our theme, and this holiday season was no different. We were happy to find some fish styled duckies, and add them to our collections.

If Finding Dory isn’t on your party list, there are a lot of other characters and themes that will be perfect. Step outside of traditional and change your holiday party up this year!


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