Add Some Decor and Succulents to Your Office Space with Teleflora

Teleflora Succulent Arrangement Review

One of the hardest transitions this year for a lot of people is working at home and finding that sense of work normalcy in a new space. The new reality for a lot of people is you are now working within you home, need to create a functional work space and one that you feels like a bit of a get away while you’re working. While a lot of people are focusing on the functional items like furniture and tech – they often leave out the smaller details like plants and items to help you relax while you work.

Teleflora Succulent Arrangement Review

While creating our new office space, our friends at Teleflora sent us a beautiful succulent planter for the space. Not only does it come with three live succulents, but it comes in a ceramic Chevy truck with incredible detail. This makes it the perfect blend for my love of gardening and cars and adds a pop of color and fun to the space.

Teleflora Succulent Arrangement Review

Something so small can add a lot of fun and variety to your space and Teleflora has a lot of different options that can add that touch of color or personality to your space. From live plants for your office to beautiful bouquets they offer a variety of different gift ideas, or items that can add in a taste of the holidays to your new office or any room in your home.

Teleflora Succulent Arrangement Review

It doesn’t need to be a special occasion to have flowers or plants delivered, although that is a great time as well. But one of the best thing about the arrangements from Teleflora is they are made by local florists in your area that create them to a level of quality you can expect the same result no matter where they are being delivered. From items that can be used as gift items, to celebratory bouquets – they really have everything you might be looking for, and ordering online is easy to do.

Teleflora Succulent Arrangement Review

One of the great things about the Chevy succulent arrangement is succulents are very low maintenance and require very little care. From just small amounts of water every couple of weeks, they can last for years and continue to add beauty and some nature to your space. That means, unlike cut flowers, the arrangement will continue to add nature and green pops to your space and help you enjoy working at home just a little bit more.


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