Add some Fun and Light to Your Parties with GlowCicles

glowcicle review

glowcicle reviewEven with the colder weather we’re planning on having warmer weather and having a good time in the sun with family and friends. This year we’ll be having a little more fun outside and at barbecues with new sweet treats from GlowCicles. GlowCicle sent us one of their starter kits to try out, and they’re stashed in our freezer for our upcoming parties and get togethers.

glowcicle reviewWhat are GlowCicles? Simply – they’re a healthier alternative to most freezer pops and they glow! Our starter pack came with four of the different GlowCicle flavors as well as an assortment of glow sticks to use with them. Like other freezer pops, the popsicles come in a liquid form and you just have to freeze the sleeves over night. The plastic sleeves actually have two chambers, and once your GlowCicle is frozen you simply snip the top to enjoy your popsicle. The smaller sleeve on the side – activate your glow stick and slide it in. You can add in the color that matches your GlowCicle or mix it up for some fun contrasting colors. Besides adding a little fun to your sweet treat, the light stick sleeve also gives you a place to hold the popsicle so you wont freeze holding the treat.

glowcicle reviewThe GlowCicles are fun but also don’t contain a lot of the junk and chemicals that you find in traditional freezer pops. Inside GlowCicles you will find:

  • Natural fruit Flavors & Colors
  • No High-Fructose Corn Syrup
  • No Nuts (Peanuts, tree nuts or annatto)
  • No Gluten
  • No Lactose
  • Caffeine Free
  • BPA Free
  • Come in Environmentally Friendly Packaging that is 100% recyclable

glowcicle reviewWe enjoyed the natural flavors in the GlowCicles, and after the treat was done we had even more fun with the glow stick bracelets that we could make. Although one of the bracelets was quickly stolen by our cat Jack to play with, we appreciated extra in our package to play with and enjoy in the dark nights.

You can find GlowCicle online in their KickStarter campaign. You can try the natural freezer pops with added fun starting at only $15, and add some fun color and treats to your next party.


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