fiesta ware review

Add Color and Variety to Your Table This Year with Fiesta Ware #Christmascountdown

Fiesta Ware Review
We’ve never been afraid of color in our house, even though the walls are neutral, we add pops of color where we can. For years I have wanted to start a collection of Fiesta Ware dishes, and Homer Laughlin China sent me a few pieces to get our set started. The variety of colors were perfect, so when a good deal came up – I knew it was time to replace our china and expand our collection and colors in our house.
Fiesta Ware ReviewHomer Laughlin China had sent me four of their appetizer plates and a Large Bistro bowl to review. All pieces are made in the USA, and are not only microwave and dishwasher safe, but also oven safe. Since you can easily take it from microwave to oven, I figured the best recipe to try it in the bowl for our holiday party was my spinach dip recipe.
Fiesta Ware Review
The recipe is pretty easy, and starts with all of the ingredients in one bowl in the microwave. Mix and you’re ready to go – unless you want to enjoy a crisp top then add a little cheese and bake. First, I have to say I was pleased that all of the ingredients fit well in the bowl and I didn’t have to mess up a mixing bowl to make the recipe. Once it was mixed together, and topped with cheese I baked it in the same bowl at 350 for 30 minutes. The cheese got crispy, the dip stayed creamy. And it was ready to be served with our meal. But the best part? After dinner I could place the bowl in the dishwasher for easy clean up.
Fiesta Ware ReviewI love the variety of the plates, the colors and options that I can get with the Fiesta Ware. Currently we’ve upgraded our china to four place settings in different colors and change it up for different meals. From dinner, salad, appetizers, snacks, coffee and even bake ware there isn’t much Fiesta Ware can’t do.Homer Laughlin has made customizing your china easy and fun since 1936. You can find their products on their website and even find it on Amazon. Check out Fiesta’s newest color line: Poppy, or find the color that fits your home and style.

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