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actiontec my wireless tv2 review

actiontec my wireless tv2 reviewEveryone wants their own home theater, but that of course requires a lot of technology. While getting the technology isn’t a problem, having cords hanging everywhere can be. Our home theater set up plan since we moved into this house is to have a TV mounted on the wall with the technology next to it, and finding a way to conceal those pesky cords hanging down. Thankfully Best Buy had our back for this home theater project, and sent us an Actiontec My Wireless TV 2 and an Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini 2. Both small devices make it easy to use your HDTV and not have cords hanging everywhere.

actiontec my wireless tv2 reviewThe Actiontec MyWirelessTV 2 comes with everything inside to set up a multi-room wireless HD TV system. There is a HD wireless transmitter, and a HD wireless Receiver. You simply plug them in, plug in the devices to the transmitter, and attach the receiver to your HD television and you’re ready to go! It makes wireless streaming from your (not so smart) devices easy and seamless.

actiontec my wireless tv2 reviewFor us, this is the solution we didn’t know existed when we started setting up our home theater system in the living room. Instead of finding a way to conceal the wires from our devices, we can simply use the MyWirelessTV and not have to worry about a maze of wires. It helps clean up that mess of wires behind the TV and keeps the area looking neat and organized. But what I absolutely love about the system, it has range! You can use it to on a TV that is up to 100 feet away, on a different floor or in a different room without losing quality. Ever want to have a movie night out in the yard? You can expect the same HD quality you would with a direct connection with a cord.

actiontec screenbeam mini2 reviewAnd if you’re like us, you didn’t spring for the most expensive TV on the market – it’s not connected like more expensive models. It’s not a smart TV, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to share our images and videos with friends and family. This is where the Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini2 comes in. It looks like a bit larger version of a flash drive, but what it does is so much more. The ScreenBeam Mini2 actually becomes the main communication point between your phone, or other device and your TV. It allows you to wirelessly mirror your phone or tablet on your TV. Share your photos, videos, games, or even use it to help teach someone how to use their device on a larger screen.

actiontec my wireless tv2 reviewThe ScreenBeam Mini2 is small enough it will fit in your pocket, and doesn’t weigh a lot. For us, this is perfect during family parties to share our images with each other, but is even better for traveling. It is easy to pack, and can be used to put the movies from my tablet on the bigger screen so we don’t all have to crowd around it to enjoy the movie. And while traveling for work, I can beam my emails and paperwork on the TV screen so I can read them easier after a long day.

Start cutting the cord and live a more wireless life with the MyWireless TV2 and ScreenBeam Mini2 and stay connected easily.


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