Accent Your Decor with a Petite Bijou Lily Vase by FRINGE

Petite Bijou Lily Vase by FRINGE review

Petite Bijou Lily Vase by FRINGE reviewWhen you get flowers in the mail, often you end up with a plain vase to use later. There’s nothing wrong with them, but they’re pretty average and usually don’t add much to your flower displays. Papyrus has a large selection of decor for your home that will accent your style, including beautiful vases by FRINGE studio that are a step above average.

Papyrus sent me a Petite Bijou Lily Vase by FRINGE studio – a glass vase created in an old world style. The rectangle vase stands approximately 8 inches tall and the bottom features a double layer with a curve for extra support. The vase is skillfully made and thick walls make it a piece of art on its own without the painting on the outside. The vase is graced with the beautiful vintage style artwork of humming birds sitting in magnolias with a nest in between.

Petite Bijou Lily Vase by FRINGE reviewThe overall shape of the vase makes it unique compared to the others we have stashed in the house. and once you add in your own flowers they fill in the green behind the birds with their stems. The shape also creates a differ layout and gives the flowers space to spread out and bloom better than a round vase seems to. The Petite Bijou Lily Vase by FRINGE is a beautiful addition to your home, your vase collection and is a piece of art work on its own. With the addition of flowers it only adds to the elegance of the piece.
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