A Woman’s Garden Teaches You to Make the Best Use Of Your Garden

A Woman's Garden Book Review

There seems to be a new surge in gardening and interest in it in the last few years. While most people only garden with the intention to get fresh fruit and vegetables – there’s a lot more that a garden can give you. If you’re new to gardening, or looking to find the best way to maximize your garden, your yield and even what you can do with some of the non-edible parts of the garden a new resource is coming that you’re going to want to pick up – A Woman’s Garden. Learn how to grow the perfect garden for you and how to use it properly with fun and crafts and recipes that will inspire you to grow more.

Focusing on generational old instructions that often we don’t think of today, A Woman’s Garden can teach old and new gardeners tips to growing, preserving, using and even creating from your perfect garden. Learn to grow for what you use and how to use every bit of what you grow later. The book gives you a different perspective on gardening and can be used for anyone who wants to take their gardens to another level. The book shares inspiring ways to use the power of plants for home and health—with helpful growing advice and step-by-step instructions for creating over 35 inspiring projects, edibles, and art from your garden.

A Woman's Garden Book Review

Gardens grow well-being and a deeper connection with nature. They can also produce plant material for creating homemade skincare, natural dyes, artisan crafts, delicious foods and beverages, and medicines—homegrown ways to create a wholesome lifestyle.

In A Woman’s Garden you’ll learn how to grow dozens of plants and then transform them into gorgeous items to nurture yourself or gift to others, including:

  • Using onion skins to dye wool
  • Alkanet root and lavender soap
  • Soapwort multipurpose cleaner
  • Rose petal facial mist
  • Edible flower frittata
  • Healing calendula skin salve
  • Papier mache leaf lanterns
  • Chamomile tincture
  • Gardening projects, including a herb spiral, strawberry pallet planter, and more

You’ll find inspiration, healing, health, and happiness right outside your own backdoor with A Woman’s Garden.

A Woman’s Garden will be available online and in store on May 4th. You can pre-order your copy today.


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