A Toast to the New Year

Happy New Year 2021

If last year taught us anything – it’s not to expect to know what’s going to happen in your future. We went into 2020 with such high hopes and plans to do so much. But the state of the world has changed so much in just the past few weeks even – who knows what we can expect now.

We’re not under the impression that once the ball dropped last night that the world would reset and everything would go back to normal. What is normal anymore anyhow? But what we do see in our future is hope.

Hope that we will be able to see our family and friends again soon.

Hope that we can all stay healthy and continue to work throughout this mess.

Hope that we can actually travel this coming year, and that the restrictions are lifted.

Life has changed a lot, but not at the time time. And one thing we know is true, that whatever life is going to throw at us in 2021, we’re going to take it head on.

So, wherever this crazy journey we call life is taking you – we hope you’re safe, healthy and doing well. We haven’t completely hit Bingo yet on some of those crazy cards, but we’re hoping 2020 wasn’t just a warm up either!


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