A Thousand Miles Behind is a Slow Ride with No Destination

A Thousand Miles Behind Review

Grief is a popular topic when it comes to movies, it’s an emotion that we can all understand and relate to. But when making a movie about grief, since it is such a relatable topic, shouldn’t the movie be relatable as well?

In their first feature film, Level 33 Entertainment brings you A Thousand Miles Behind. A movie that focuses on Preston who has lost his family after a tragic accident. After some time grieving, he finds a motorcycle sitting outside of his home and eventually takes it on a journey to find himself again and start the healing process. A bit of an odd premise, because motorcycles don’t magically show up especially with how much they cost.

A Thousand Miles Behind Review

If the premise wasn’t enough to make you question the movie, the actual story telling is. The movie does offer viewers great scenery, and an actually decent soundtrack. But where it lacks is story, and anything that is relatable. There is very little dialogue in the movie, or really anything at all. Sweeping views dominate the film, and maybe if the focus of the film was selling the beauty of California it would work.

The actual journey that Preston takes is one that isn’t relatable for the majority of people dealing with grief. As much as people would like to pick up and run away it’s not a reality. And his ultimate destination – didn’t show much growth, acceptance or anything. The movie falls flat when it comes to an emotional journey or really story telling at all.

A Thousand Miles Behind is available now on Digital.

About A Thousand Miles Behind:

A Thousand Miles Behind Review

After a tragic accident, Preston Avery (JEFFREY DOORNBOS) finds himself trapped in grief and isolated in an empty house. All hope seems lost until a motorcycle mysteriously appears on his doorstep. Once on the road, he crosses paths with a spirited young woman named Tracey (VANESSA CAMPBELL), who breaks through his fog of grief just long enough to throw him a lifeline back into the land of the living, but can he leave the past behind?

Starring JEFFREY DOORNBOS (Blue Man with the Blue Man Group), in a career defining performance. And Introducing VANESSA CAMPBELL (Garfield The Movie). With GREG EVIGAN (“B.J. and the Bear”), BRE BLAIR (“S.W.A.T”), and JEFFREY NICHOLAS BROWN (“Henry Danger”, “True Blood”). With an Original Score by STEN BOWEN (Em).


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