A Thank You to the Brands Who Helped Me Give This Year!

Christmas Giving
Present Donations
As I wrap up the Christmas Countdown and Ultimate Gift Guide this year, you may notice I did things a little differently. Normally every item is removed from it’s box and fully reviewed. This year, some where – and you may be asking what’s the deal?!

It’s really simple – I’ve worked with several brands this year and have donated the items to local families for the holidays. I heard of a few families that needed assistance, and every child deserves to have a happy holiday. I have been very blessed to have the jobs that I do, and that I can help out people in my local community. That does not mean the items were not actually reviewed, others have been masterfully repackaged and you would never know the difference.

So this year I’d love to send a huge thank you to the brands who helped me spread the love this holiday season including: Wicked Cool Toys, Telebrands, Fisher Price, Peanuts, Cloud B, Oriental Trading and several others I received at conferences this year. You all played a huge roll in bringing a huge difference in the holidays of over 10 children!

As an added note, no kittens were given away – he just loves presents, and helping wrap them!   


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