A Silent Voice Brings A Powerful Story to Anime + Win a Copy

silent voice the movie review

Growing up and getting through high school can be hard when you’re a bit different, but when bullies are involved it is even harder. Now imagine if the only person you had that you could turn to was the bully from your childhood! That is exactly what happens in A Silent Voice the Movie, an adaptation of the Manga Yoshitoki Oima. And the result is a powerful story that blends coming of age and adapting at the same time.

The movie is beautifully animated and one that is easily relatable for all audiences. Because of some of the topics covered, it is for the 13+ audience, but one that you will thoroughly enjoy watching with your family.

About A Silent Voice:

When a deaf elementary school girl named Shoko is forced to transfer to a new school after a boy named Shôya constant bullies her, Shôya suffers over the consequences of his guilt for years. Upon entering high school, Shôya finally decides he must find Shoko, to make amends for what he did in elementary school and to become her friend. Along the way, he meets new and old faces, and struggles with many complicated relationships and feelings in “this beautifully rendered anime” (Total Film).

Based on the critically acclaimed manga by Yoshitoki Oima, this release is presented in Japanese with subtitles, and with an English dub. Winner of the 40th Japan Academy Award for Excellent Animation of the Year, A Silent Voice – The Movie makes its highly anticipated debut on home entertainment following its 2017 theatrical run in the U.S. 

Want to win a copy of A Silent Voice? We’re giving one reader a copy of the beautiful anime! Read how you can win a copy below!

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. Share a time that you felt like an outcast and someone helped you out!


  1. Ahh at a summer camp we had a dance and it felt like I was the only one sitting. After dancing by myself and kind-of with a group of other campers. I felt very alone and I was 14 away from home not knowing anyone. Then the cutest counselor came over and asked me to dance, he asked me several times that night, and then boy’s started to ask me into the night because I was so happy and danced until the last dance while the other girls were worn out. I wonder if he knew I had a crush on him! I blocked out a lot of my child hood, but I will always remember the way he made me feel that night.


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