Fair Oaks Farms

A Quick Coffee Stop, A Meal and Education all at Fair Oaks Farms

It starts with a giant piece of corn on the side of the highway. You may not notice it at first, but then another giant piece of produce will show up, a giant fork and more. All point to one location just off the highway, the perfect place to stop and take a break while you’re traveling – Fair Oak Farms.

Fair Oaks Farms

If it’s just a stop off for gas, or a place to get coffee you can find it all at this stop. A stop at the Cowfe and you can find sandwiches, snacks and more. With a small shop of cow and dairy related items, fudge and ice cream, you can find a lot of great options to buy at a quick stop. Grab a sandwich and sit and watch how Fair Life Dairy turns their milk into yogurt with a bit of a their factory behind glass so you can observe the process.

If you’re looking to spend more time or make it more of an experience, you can take one of their tours and learn about dairy farms, pig farming or more about agriculture. Fair Oak Farms brings farming education to a fun location that kids of all ages and from different locations can understand and enjoy. From a quick stop off to an educational trip for kids, you can find it all there, and some of the best ice cream you’ll be able to grab just off the side of the highway.

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