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A New Way to Take Lunch to School – Flatbox! #backtoschool

flatbox reviewLong gone are the days of metal tin lunch boxes – well, not exactly – they still exist. But why go with the ordinary? Why not have a lunch box that your kids would love to use, you wouldn’t be ashamed to take to the office, and doubles as a place mat? That’s exactly what the Solvetta FlatBox LunchBox is, a handy lunch box that is stylish and you can take with you just about anywhere. With a simple design, you can not only take your lunch or snacks with you – but have a clean place to eat anywhere you are.

flatbox reviewSolvetta sent me home with a FlatBox after meeting them, and instantly it won me over. The soft sided lunch bag has two soft handles which make it extremely easy to carry with you. Each FlatBox is designed with solid colors, with accenting edges and a pop color for the zippers and handles. FlatBox are made from one large piece, that comes together in a center with four zippers.

flatbox reviewWhen you have your¬†FlatBox LunchBox packed for the day, everything is stashed securely inside. The interior of the FlatBox isn’t huge, but can hold fruit, snack sized bags of chips or treats, sandwiches and even small left over containers. The shape over all allows you to stack on top of things, and you can fit a decent sized lunch inside.

flatbox reviewBut the real magic happens when you unzip all four sides, the Flatbox creates a square place mat that you can use anywhere. This gives you plenty of space to eat without worrying about your food touching a possible dirty surface. Besides the convertibility of the Flatbox lunchbox, I love the variety of colors it comes in. You can find a color combination for anyone to match their style or their back pack. And when it’s not in use, the Flatbox is soft enough it can easily fold into your backpack or briefcase so it’s even easier to carry around!

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