A Look Inside the BMW Car Club of America Museum and Collection

BMW Car Club Museum Greenville South Carolina Review

There is no one more devoted to their cars than a car club, and the BMW Car Club of America is the perfect example of this. Not only is there a large membership to the club of BMW owners and aficionados, but they even have their own museum.

The BMW Car Club of America Foundation Museum is located just a mile away from the BMW Performance Center and a couple miles away from the Zentrum. For a low ticket price, you can tour the museum and explore the current exhibit. A couple of times of year, the cars and items on display actually change out since they are owned by members of the club and are on loan.

The current display at the BMW Car Club of America Museum is a wide array of members vehicles from different points in history. Early in 2020 this display will be changing to show a collection of Post War vehicles.

About the BMW Car Club of America Foundation Museum:

The BMW Car Club of America Foundation Museum features a collection of some of the most well preserved BMW vehicles, both life-size and miniature.

Founded in Boston in 1969 by a like-minded group of 2002 aficionados, the club has grown into a 75,000 member organization that lays claim to being “The worlds largest owner-supported car club.” As BMW’s most active and vibrant enthusiasts organizations, the club represents our true passion behind the wheel and the brand.

Find out more about the BMW Car Club of America Museum, their hours and where to find the museum visit their website.

Inside the Zentrum

BMW’s Zentrum is visible as you pass it on the highway with it’s sweeping curves and interesting architecture. Designed to look like it was cut off of the towers of the headquarters building in Germany, the Zentrum connects to the active plant in Greer South Carolina. Inside the main elements are display areas, meeting spaces and more.

While the space is flexible and allows the area to display different vehicles from the current product line, the ones in development and even other vehicles within BMW Group – it offers a place that is both architecturally interesting and one that is fun to explore.


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