scrubbing bubble prize pack

A Little Surprise

I went out this afternoon and checked both the home mail box and the business mail box – both were empty. My friend text me she got a ton of samples today and I was disappointed. Sounds silly- but I love getting mail, I always have. There are some freebies that never made it to me – my hope is they are lost somewhere and will be making their way to me soon. There are a couple coupon packets that still haven’t made it here – but I keep hoping they will soon! But it all changed while I was making dinner tonight- I thought maybe it was my boyfriend knocking on the side door because his arms were full – to my surprise it was the UPS guy. He hasn’t been here in quite a while, mostly since I route everything to my UPS box that I got for my business and because the last time he was here I reported him since items went missing. But he was very pleasant (it’s been a couple years!) I signed for the package and then apologized for the soap bubbles all over my hands – little did I know!

Scrubbing Bubble Prize

 What was in the mystery package? Bubbles! Scrubbing Bubbles that is! A couple weeks ago they did a giveaway on facebook and I was one of the lucky few that got in. They gave out only 250 of these kits. And the icing on the cake is the Scrubby toy that came with it.  I’ll be adding some more references and freebies I found today in a bit!

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