A Gift For Every Personality Type

A Gift For Every Personality Type

Have you ever heard of the 16 personality types by Myers-Briggs? If you haven’t, then it’s something you should look up, but for now, let’s just use it to help you with your Christmas shopping. 

When choosing gifts, people often say that it’s the thought that counts, so go for something with suits the recipient’s personality. This way you give them something they’re likely to use and enjoy and show that you care about their unique interests, preferences, strengths, needs, and desires 

Explorer Recipients

Virtuosos (ISTP)

These are no-nonsense, straight-shooting types of people who aren’t afraid to let you know what they think. Stick to their obsessions as they will likely have specific activities, hobbies, or pursuits that spark their passion

Adventurers (ISFP)

If you want to give an experience as a gift, consider activities like horseback riding or cross-country skiing; alternatively, if you want to give a physical gift, they can open then look for something unique, something they wouldn’t expect. You might find yourself searching the internet for the best Ferro rod, but at least you’ll be giving them something useful that no one else will. 

Entrepreneurs (ESTP)

Entrepreneurs love receiving experiences as gifts. Consider taking them to a sporting event or doing a high-adrenaline activity together. 

Entertainers (ESFP)

Entertainers love the excitement of opening gifts, so look for things that no one else will have – whether that’s a handmade mug or a piece of statement jewelry. 

Analyst Recipients

Architects (INTJ)

For this personality type, plan a special outing to a favorite museum, place, or event they enjoy. 

Logicians (INTP)

Logicians don’t tend to enjoy gift-giving and often view gifts as excessive and irrational. So, an excellent gift for them would be something like a class or a lecture.

Commanders (ENTJ)

Commanders can be challenging to shop for, but if you pay close attention to their favorite things, you’ll be in with a good chance of coming up with something they’ll genuinely love. You can take them to their favorite restaurant where not only will they enjoy the quality time with you, they will also appreciate that you deferred to their taste.

Debaters (ENTP)

Debaters tend to enjoy extremes, and among all personality types, they are the most likely to enjoy spicy food and seek adrenaline highs. Ignore lists like “the top 10 gifts this holiday season” and on-trend items that everyone wants; instead, go for specialty items like the world’s spiciest hot sauce.

Diplomat Recipients

Advocates (INFJ)

Mos Advocates say that the holidays are their favorite time of the year – more than any other personality type. So why not seek out a vintage, upcycled, or repurposed gift and make sure to include a card too, they will appreciate that. 

Mediators (INFP)

The mediators are the most grateful recipients, and many Mediators have creative ambitions, but the realities of daily life can get in the way. To help them with their passions, give them a gift certificate for an art class, writing workshops, or private music lessons, which can help them boost their self-esteem and get their creative spark back.

Protagonists (ENFJ)

Protagonists care a lot about helping others that they sometimes forget to take care of themselves. They also love spending time with nature, so when in doubt, treat them to experiences or gifts that evoke the natural world. You could give them a beautiful terrarium, a framed photograph of the beautiful landscape they love, or an outing to a beautiful park where you can enjoy time with nature and with each other.

Campaigners (ENFP)

Campaigners will thank you for pretty much any gift, so consider gifts that help Campaigners’ daily lives go a little smoother such as treating them to a visit from a housekeeper. 

Sentinel Recipients

Logisticians (ISTJ)

Logisticians are the ones who least enjoy surprises, and many Logisticians would prefer to receive a shirt that fits them well over tickets to a concert. 

Defenders (ISFJ)

In general, Defenders are personality types who prefer sticking with things they know and love. Plan a delightful night in as Defenders can be homebodies, and they enjoy staying in more than any other type. 

Executives (ESTJ)

It can often seem as if Executives already have everything they need. Executives are the ones who follow the news more closely than any other personality type, so think about giving them a gift like a subscription to their favorite magazine, newspaper, or news website. 

Consuls (ESFJ)

Most Consuls love the holiday season, so stick with timeless styles and classic gifts like stationery, jewelry, or wine – rather than trends. 

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