A Futuristic Car with Netflix services and more!

A Futuristic Car with Netflix services and more!
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Binge watching is a term used quite often in almost every other casual conversation. With growing demographics resorting to various means of entertainment, there is an upcoming car brand Byton that solves just the problem which is faced by individuals while travelling in cars.

Byton, the Chinese car company which has emerged as one of the biggest rivals of Tesla in this industry, has showcased its model named M-Byte. The Unique selling point (USP) of this car is that it is designed with an intention to develop cars just like any other entertainment device. Amidst so many latest tech trends and innovations in the auto industry this one is first of its kind giving so much content to be consumed by the much more demanding generation of today.

Comparison between Tesla and Byton

The feature mentioned above is just one of the many newly added features of the cars by the newbie. Byton has other surprises for Tesla in the package in the form of better models with huge range, more long lasting batteries and last but not the least pricing of the cars. With all this, the brand is focusing on coming up with totally different and better user experience for the customers. The number of reservations i.e. around 50,000, made till now in China alone speaks for the excitement among the car lovers.

Before we come to the part where domination of screen presence is elaborately explained, lets’ see what are the reactions of first few test drivers. One of them said that the car is very screenilicious while the other said they can’t even tell how big the passenger console is. These are just few and there have been many such tweets by the passengers who went for a ride in M-Byte.

X factor- screen or the user experience

From the pictures, it can be derived that the factor that stands out is the presence of screens all over the car. Let’s start from the steering wheel where a touchscreen of 8-inch is mounted then there is one between the passenger and the driver seat. If that’s not enough, the big one is the gesture controlled 48 inch curved screen on the dashboard which is Alexa enabled, to put in perspective it is bigger than 7 iPads put together.

On one hand, there are such flamboyant touch enabled screens, on the other hand the CEO of the brand is aiming for something more. Daniel Kirchert, CEO, intends to launch this car where no extra device is needed as it has wide ranging functions from navigation to reading emails and texts etc. with the help of Alexa.

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Netflix and more in M-Byte

Already mentioned above big screens, one of the purposes to be served by them is use of video streaming services like Netflix. This takes the automation a step further in this sector. The idea of space available for binge watchers in car goes more with the electric car than other ones. Similar efforts can be witnessed by Audi and Honda where they are collaborating separately with platforms providing entertainment services.

It is no doubt that this car is a futuristic one which will reimagine the interiors of modern cars. Since the model is in line with self-driving car concept, bringing these automations will require more software and this implies better update system.


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