A Darth Vader Tea Kettle that Star Wars Fans Will Love

Darth Vader Tea Kettle Review

Darth Vader Tea Kettle Review

With a sea of kitchen products on the market, how do you find one that speaks to your style or fits your home? Yes you can just get generic items, but sometimes showing your style is what you want to do, and it may be by showing your fandom in every aspect of your life. In our home, we’re nerds. We’ve been nerds before it was cool and looking around our house you can spot the nerdiness hidden in every corner, and right out on the shelves.

Darth Vader Tea Kettle ReviewSo when it comes to the kitchen, I’m not always a fan of having plain and generic. After moving out on my own, all those years ago I had a tea kettle that always sat on the stove. Partially at the ready for tea at any point, but also with a bit of water that I may need to add to recipes as I cook. For years, it worked. It did it’s job, and it stood guard for over a decade. That is until I saw a tea kettle that I fell in love with, and had to have – and it not only does the job, but it fits the dorky bill perfectly.

Darth Vader Tea Kettle ReviewEnter the Darth Vader Kettle by Uncanny Brands. They sent us one to review and to use in our home. We originally had seen the Darth Vader Tea Kettle at IHHS a couple years ago and the stylized design was something we fell in love with. While at first glance, someone who is not a fan of Star Wars may miss the design that resembles Darth Vader’s helmet. But a handle made out of a light saber handle, makes it easier to recognize almost immediately.

Darth Vader Tea Kettle ReviewWhen the new kettle arrived, I cleaned up the old one to be rehomed and put the Darth Vader kettle on the stove and waited. It didn’t take more than give minutes until my boyfriend noticed what it was and commented about the new addition. But it’s not just the style that attracted me to the Star Wars themed kitchenware – it was also the function. The thick walls of the kettle provide great heat transfer for a quick tea or warm water.

With a little nerdiness tossed in, the simple but iconic design is an instant win for Star Wars fans, and beautifully crafted that the design may be lost on those who don’t know the reference. It could be the perfect compromise for kitchenware that highlights your style, and can be passed off as normal enough for a traditional kitchen.


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