A Buyer’s Guide on Getting Cheap Laminate Flooring Without Compromising Quality

Are you searching for information that will help you buy cheaper laminate floors without sacrificing quality? There is no doubt that we all want to make a good bargain when buying renovation products. Laminate floor is incredible flooring products that you should include in your next renovation.

Laminate floors mostly compete with hardwood floors. In most cases, laminate floors last longer than hardwood floors At one time, laminate flooring used to be cheap. In fact, cheap and “laminate flooring” were two synonymous terms.

But as the manufacturers of laminate floors improved the quality of their products and it started to receive traction in high-end homes, the cost of these floors began to increase rapidly. Cheap laminate floors are hard to find. But they are still available and you are likely to find them in less prominent stores.

Buying a cheap laminate floor means that you will be accepting qualities that you will not find in the premium laminate flooring types as discussed below:

8mm (Thin) Flooring

Cheaper laminate floors normally come with a thickness range of 8mm. Laminate floors that are 12mm thick is only found in the premium and expensive laminate floors.

Shallow or No Embossing

Deep embossing and thick flooring go together. Thick floors do not mean that the floor is embossed deeply. Likewise, deep embossing does not imply that the floor will be thick.

Lacks Attached Underlayment

Cheaper laminate floors do not come with an attached underlayment. Since laminate floors are thin, a layer of felt underlayment or foam will be adding extra benefits to it. This underlayment can either be unattached or attached.

Extra Features

Flooring manufacturers tend to provide extra features to attract potential clients. Some of these features are more beneficial than others. One region where this concept is shown is when the producers are giving out warranties. Expect generous warranties on premium laminates than with super-cheap laminate flooring.

House Brands and Off Brands

While big brands like Mannington, Armstrong, and Shaw will offer good laminate flooring discounts, generally super-cheap models come with less prominent names. Retailer’s house brands like Lumber Liquidator Dream Home Line are affordable as opposed to the premium brands.

Quick- Steps QS-700 Laminate Floors

The Quick-step is a renowned floor brand that has been known for providing basic laminate floor features over the years, but they have now improved their flooring products and are now targeting the premium market. They have introduced additional features like 54- inch planks to attract premium laminate floor customers. Collections that have longer plank found in Eligna and Modello models.

But for cheaper laminate floor models, you have to search for the unfussy and dependable QS 700 series, which come with unfussy cheap prices. All QS-700 models are a three-strip type, which implies that there are three floorboards fused within one floorboard.

Dream Home Laminate Floors

When you take a quick glance at Dream Laminate floors, you start to figure out how you will enjoy great features packed in this super- cheap product. It has a thickness of 10mm and comes with an attached underlayment. It has a 25-year warranty period, which is not easy to find in the cheaper laminate flooring.

Other affordable laminate floor models include: Build Direct laminate flooring and Pego outlast+ laminate flooring.

Laminate floors are more durable, affordable, sustainable and attractive. However, it is not hard to find high-quality, affordable laminate floors on the market. Laminate floors can imitate luxury flooring types with an impeccable quality. This article has provided all the information about cheaper laminate floors that homeowners wanted to know.

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