A Blogger’s Confession: Hi – I’m Becky, I’m a Freebie-aholic…

organizing freebies
Yes.. it’s a serious condition. If you’re following this blog – you may be one too.

We sign up for freebies, we want to try them – we want to use them – but mostly because they’re free! What do we do? We throw them in a box, or throw them in a drawer and they pile up.

Yes, we had the best intentions to use them  – but if we can’t find them how much good are they doing us? Yes, we all love getting that extra goodie in the mail – but if we’re not using it what’s the point of getting it?

Freebies Organized

We had a lot of discussions about this in our house lately. “Why aren’t you using your freebies”

“I can’t find them!”

“Why not?”

“They’re in the pile of doom…”

Yes.. a pile of doom – of freebies! What can you do about it? I’ve been on a big organization kick around our house. And that pile of goodies was just glaring at me.

Last night I found the solution I had been looking for. And guess what – it was all things I had found on sale! Check out the Sterilite 3 Drawer System on casters (I never put the casters on the system). I got it on sale this week at Target for $10.99!!! Inside, I used organizer bins I found a couple weeks ago at Staples for $1 each. I have used baskets like these all over the house, that I’ve gotten at Dollar General 2/$1.39! They are a great method to keep things neat around our house.

In each drawer I put 2 of the baskets – the top drawer has beauty and nail products, the middle drawer – hair and body products and the bottom drawer – medicine and household products. All edible products went right into the cupboard and laundry products went to the basement.

Yes, not everything fits in the drawers, and I have some random weird bits from trade shows or weddings. But It is all neat, I can open my freebie – clip that bonus coupon and put the goodie in the right bin. That way when I need some lotion, or want to try a new hair product – I can go to the right bin and find it.

So, do I have to give up on my freebie obsession? No 🙂 – Instead I’ll continue getting all the goodies I want, love and enjoy. It’s an addiction – but as long as we keep it under control it wont get out of hand.

How do you keep your freebie obsession under control?


  1. I am trying to do the same with MINE!! I have one of these storage bins too for my freebies & actually many throughout the house, with kids toys in them, too!


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